How Does Self-Exclusion Software Work? GamStop Example


The gambling world has been booming for the last several decades. It’s become more accessible to players from different regions: users only need their devices and a stable Internet connection to enjoy the best games and slots. However, the diversity of operators and products often leads to players being too immersed in the virtual space, literally forgetting about real life.

Gambling addiction is not a new concept, but it has become more widespread with the availability of gaming. That is why players and casinos must work together to combat the negative consequences of this entertainment. And self-exclusion programs have become among the most effective tools.

Let’s take a closer look at GamStop, on of the most famous representatives of this category of software. Below, we are going to analyse the example of GamStop to understand why it is such a popular solution in the UK, how it works, and what the alternatives to GamStop in Kenya are (since this self-exclusion program has been developed specifically for the UK market and works only at UKGC-licensed casinos, Kenyan players cannot use its benefits.)

Self-Exclusion: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Even players with little gambling experience know it’s critical to develop self-control skills and limit the time and money spent on gaming websites. However, the gambling world is so exciting and engaging.

For many, it’s really hard to stop in time and quit the platform without significant losses. It can eventually lead to situations when a gambler is left with nothing. Not everyone is able to properly manage their bankroll and not dip into games and slots. In such an instance, self-exclusion tools are the best solution. They ban gambling and betting platforms so that players cannot access them for a particular period.

GamStop Features for Coping with Gambling Addiction

This software operates under the control of the UK Gambling Commission and covers all British online casinos and sportsbooks. And here is how GamStop works: once a player decides to cope with the possible consequences of compulsive gambling and joins the GamStop program, all the sites are blocked. It means users won’t be able to access them for a chosen period. The main GamStop features include the following:

  • Possibility of choosing a self-exclusion period
  • A complete ban on UK-based gambling sites
  • Help with future addiction treatment & appropriate support
  • Informing about the consequences of compulsive gaming

The self-exclusion program can last from six months to five years. During this time, a user cannot enter gambling or betting platforms operating under the UKGC licence. The main purpose of this software is to promote responsible gambling and inform where to search for assistance during the first signs of the problem.

How to Understand You Need GamStop

Gambling addiction for long hasn’t been considered an important issue. Many take this disease lightly, believing that it is a far-fetched problem. However, do not underestimate it since the inability to stop while playing in a casino can lead to serious mental problems.

The symptoms of compulsive gambling may be subtle in the beginning. However, once the problem starts, it often requires long-lasting and exhausting treatment, which is why it’s important to recognize its first signs and start coping with the problem as early as possible. The main compulsive gambling symptoms players may experience include:

  • The inability to stop gambling
  • Spending more money than a user can afford
  • Lying to close people about the problem
  • Fatigue, anxiety, and even depression
  • Apathy for all activities except playing
  • Constant investments despite losses

All these symptoms should alert the gambler and their close ones. You should act immediately if you notice such signs in yourself, relatives, or friends. Participation in GamStop is only the first stage, after which the affected person may require therapy or help from support groups. The self-exclusion software provides members with all the necessary details to speed up treatment and recovery.

The good news is more operators join GamStop, promoting responsible gambling to their clients. But the tool is only available for members of UK-based online casinos. Players in other jurisdictions also face the need for similar self-exclusion software. And the good news is that GamStop is not the only software helping to prevent gambling addiction.

Self-Exclusion Programs for Kenyan Players

Gambling is popular worldwide: some countries are more famous for their passion for playing, while others are less. However, the problem of gaming addiction is a global issue, which is why it’s important to implement appropriate self-exclusion tools in all regions. Kenyan users cannot boast in-country software but can use some common GamStop alternatives. Have a look at the following:

  • Net Nanny
  • My PlayBreak
  • BetBlocker

Combined with the Kenyan gambling regulations and other measures suggested by the Gaming Act of 2019, self-exclusion alternatives should prove efficient in protecting casino players in Kenya. They effectively prevent gambling addiction by limiting access to risky platforms. As a rule, they are quite cheap, making self-exclusion affordable to everyone. Programs have different terms and conditions, so players should better research the market to pick the most suitable software.

Effectiveness of Self-Exclusion

GamStop is one of the main tools for fighting compulsive gambling. The explanations of UKGC on how to use GamStop are pretty clear, and should you encounter any issues, you can always double-check with the program’s official Terms of Use. GamStop has proven to be an effective solution to problem gambling. According to research, around 82% of people who registered with GamStop reported that their self-exclusion helped them to mitigate their problem gambling habits.

Overall, informing the population about the possible consequences and reducing the addiction rate is on the agenda for all market players. It directly affects society’s well-being and prevents possible mental disorders for millions of users. Gambling should be entertainment, not a disease. Therefore, implementing all the available measures is critical for casinos and players.