ChatGPT Comes to Android, now on Pre-order


OpenAI has announced it will be releasing ChatGPT for Android. The app will be rolling out next week and is available for pre-order on Google Play Store.

This comes after the official iOS application was released back in May with the company saying the Android version will be rolling out soon. The application is free and will sync your history across devices.

ChatGPT gained viral popularity after its launch back in November, gaining 100 million users just two months after its launch.

The chatbot offers many capabilities including having simple conversations, code generation, composing essays and summarizing text. The new app seeks to bring these functionalities to your fingertips without the need of using a web browser.

The announcement comes at a time when ChatGPT’s popularity seems to be on the decline. According to a report by Similarweb, there has been a 9.7% drop in web traffic and a decline in the number of unique visitors.

There have been recent complaints with users claiming ChatGPT has become “slower” and “dumber”.

The recent decline in performance has had some users ask whether OpenAI was intentionally “dumbing” ChatGPT. In response, OpenAI refutes intentionally downgrading ChatGPT. “When we release new model versions, our top priority is to make our newer models smarter.” the company tweeted.

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