How To Cancel GamStop: Essential Steps Before Exiting the Program

Exit Gamstop

GamStop is one of the leading self-exclusion mechanisms available to gamblers and bettors. Its services are easy to use and also free of charge. Thanks to the GamStop, you can physically restrict yourself from visiting sites controlled by the UKGC for a period of up to 5 years.

Remember that following the Responsible Gambling rules is extremely important to protect yourself from potential gambling addiction, especially if you are in a risk zone (vulnerable category). At the same time, some categories of users are faced with the problem of how to remove GamStop and all related issues. If it is about you, then this article can help you find answers to most questions.

Benefits of Free No Deposit No Verification Casino Bonuses

Many users who are on the self-exclusion program decide to switch to casinos that do not require ID verification. As a rule, these crypto sites encourage players with impressive free no-deposit bonuses, a wide range of bets, many supported games, and more.

This is a really tempting offer for any gambler. However, if you are in a vulnerable category, you should carefully evaluate the ratio of the benefits you will receive to the potential risks. Cancelling the self-exclusion is justified only if you are absolutely sure that you can comply with gambling problem prevention.

Evaluate Financial Situation

Financial condition is one of the main aspects that are directly affected by gambling addiction. Therefore, before canceling the GamStop self-exclusion program and continuing to play gambling games, you should carefully assess your financial situation, the presence of debts, and so on.

Financial problems, in that case, can only aggravate the general state of affairs. Even if you have no problems with the financial sphere at the time of self-exclusion deactivation, you should plan a future budget that you can allocate for playing games. This point is one of the basic ones in the framework of the correct approach to gambling.

Develop a Responsible Gambling Plan

In addition, any player (not only those who suffer from gambling addiction) needs to develop an individual plan for responsible gambling. If you have decided to cancel GamStop which is considered the best tool against addiction, you need to ensure safe and controlled gaming habits. The key factor in this is to allocate a specific amount of money that you can spend playing your favorite games, as mentioned above.

It is important never to exceed this limit under any circumstances. The same applies to the time frame that you need to set. For example, it can be several hours a day when playing does not interfere with your work, communication with close ones, and so on. Try to avoid any triggers that can disrupt your playing behavior and self-discipline.

An important factor is to conduct educational work and help get acquainted with the resources for the self-exclusion of other players. This will help you to be more confident and knowledgeable about Responsible Gambling rules and make you socially useful to vulnerable people.

Speak to GamStop Experts to Cancel Self-Exclusion

If you decide to cancel self-exclusion at GamStop, go to the official website and contact the experts. For this purpose, you have many communication channels, including a convenient live chat option, email ([email protected]), and phone (0800 138 6518).

After experts have contacted you, you must explain the essence of your request. You will also need to provide some information about yourself, including the email you signed up with, full name, date of birth, and so on. Be prepared to provide copies of documents verifying your identity, such as your passport, ID card, or driver’s license.

As a rule, the whole process does not take much time if you have sent the correct information and if you are not a problem client. After you have canceled the self-exclusion program, you need to pay attention to the site you plan to gamble on. In this case, it is always crucial to register at legal casinos that adhere to Responsible Gambling rules and have a transparent policy.


GamStop is the top option for all vulnerable categories who want to protect themselves from the harm caused by gambling addiction. Despite this, there are always players who once joined the self-exclusion program but subsequently decided to cancel it.

If it is about you, you need to contact GamStop’s experts through the communication channels provided on the site, describe your problem, and verify your identity. Always remember that the cancellation of the self-exclusion program must be with 100% confidence in your strength and that you can apply for Responsive Gambling rules.