Kenya Power: How to Apply for New Electricity Connection Online

new electricity connection in Kenya

Since 1983, when East African Power and Lighting Company (EAP&L) split to form the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited (KPLC) in a market reform to minimize the scale of competition and a further breakaway with Kenya Power Company (now KenGen) in 1997 for reliable operations, KPLC has been tasked with unlocking the demand side of electricity alongside managing transmission and distribution of power to consumers from that time.

In Kenya’s electricity sub-sector, KPLC’s core function is to manage the national grid from the National Control Center in Nairobi while offering connection and billing services to consumers at various feeder points in the power lines, estimated to total over 289,937 kilometers.

Energy is a key driver of sustainable development, and KPLC is currently undertaking long-run energy planning that entails extending the grid coverage in a major electrification campaign to meet residential and industrial electricity demand as outlined in Kenya’s economic blueprint Vision 2030.

Through joint initiatives in projects like Kenya Electricity Modernization Project (KEMP) and Last Mile Connectivity Project (LMCP), Kenya Power has boosted electricity access and has supplied and metered over 8.9 million customers, according to the KPLC Annual Report of 2022.

In that year, KPLC connected 641,237 new customers and now aims to supply power to another cohort of 280,000 in the Financial Year 2023/2024 after installing 955 new transformers under the $10 million Transformer Densification Project by French Development Agency (AFD).

If your home or business construction requires a new electricity connection, Kenya Power will meet all technical requirements and connect you to a power line. To arrange a new electricity connection with KPLC, follow these steps to apply online:

How to apply online for a new electricity connection in Kenya

If you are building a new domestic or commercial property and need a new electricity supply, these days, it is easier to make an application to Kenya Power and Lighting Company online. Here is a simple KPLC Domestic Customers Application Procedure to help you get started.

  1. Visit As a first-time user, applying for a new electricity connection from KPLC, on the right sidebar, go to ‘New Supply Application’
  2. On the signup form, choose whether you are making an individual or business electricity supply application before filling out your name and address in the ‘CUSTOMER’S DATA’ and ‘CUSTOMER’S CONTACT’S’ sections. When done, press ‘Continue’
How to apply online for a new electricity connection in Kenya
  1. The Documentation section will open. Enter details of your supply location (where the new connection is required). In the next part, ‘SUPPLY INFORMATION,’ enter the plot number plus coordinates. Scroll down to choose your connection type and the number of electricity meters required. Click ‘Continue’
get new electricity connection in kenya
  1. Upload your identification documents and review the New Electricity Supply Form for correctness. Submit the application

Immediately after submission, you will receive an SMS from Kenya Power with a KPLC reference number for tracking the new electricity supply application progress on the Kenya Power Self-Service Web Portal and MyPower Self-Service App. Check your email for the KPLC login password.

You will receive the quotation based on your connection type and other details in your New Electricity Supply Form after 7 to 28 days for domestic connections. The engineering advance should be paid within 90 days after receipt, lest the application is automatically withdrawn.

Kenya Power might reach out if there is any technical specification or requirements before constriction and metering begin after paying the amount required for the project work. You will be supplied with electricity within 3-28 days, depending on your type of connection.