How Does Britam’s Bima Ya Mwananchi Work in Kenya?

How much is Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover?

Kenyans have long been devoted to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), a government health cover provided under the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) initiative, aimed at transforming the country’s health system “to ensure all Kenyans have access to essential quality health services without suffering financial hardship.”

However, many of those who use this national health insurance frequently suffer poor care as it does not cover the full costs of diagnosis to treatment, with the most pressing problem being underinvestment in health services, and most government hospitals are understocked with drugs.

The arising frustrations have led to a fundamental shift to private medical cover. People are buying private health insurance, which guarantees comprehensive healthcare services and specialist treatment in private hospitals: such health insurance is Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover.

What is Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover?

Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover is a private medical insurance that boasts affordability besides offering direct access to specialists for in-patient and outpatient treatment than many insurers like NHIF.

It was started in 2022 subjectively for low-income families and the unemployed for its affordable premiums on a selection of health management programs.

“Our aim is to bring quality medical insurance to Kenyans at an affordable price. More importantly, we want to offer a solution that meets the needs of the large uninsured population in Kenya. Medical insurance has evolved over time and is now more inclusive than it was in the past, yet a majority of Kenyans are under-insured or not insured at all, which leaves them vulnerable,” Britam Director of Emerging Consumer Business Saurabh Sharma had said while commenting on the Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover.

How much is Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover?

Registering for Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi

Bima Ya Mwananchi is organized by the level of benefits starting from Ksh4,600 annually for an individual. Under this plan, the policyholder gets a total coverage of Ksh75,000 as an inpatient benefit for the whole year. As added benefits, it covers pre-existing conditions to a limit of Ksh37,500, Ksh20,000 for radiology, Ksh15,000 for ambulance and emergency services, Ksh20,000 as maternity perk, and Ksh40,000 as a last expense.

There is also Bima Ya Mwananchi outpatient coverage with plans from Ksh13,180 for subscribers under 40 years and Ksh14,680 for those above 40. Its treatment limits are Ksh30,000 to Ksh75,000, dependent on the picked policy.

Can one add other people to Bima Ya Mwananchi?

Yes, Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi accepts dependents. You can add your husband, wife, or children to the health cover that you have signed up for. However, you have to pay more for each added member. For example, if you add one dependent on the Ksh4,600 individual plan, you will pay Ksh7,000 yearly. And if you add three dependents to the cover, you will pay an annual premium of Ksh11,800.

The same applies to Bima Ya Mwananchi Outpatient Benefit – when a policyholder under this cover adds a dependent, the cost of the health insurance increases.

Is there an age limit for Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover?

Yes – when taking Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi private medical insurance, applicants should be between the ages of 18 and 65, and it has an exit age of 75 years. For dependents, children of 38 weeks to 18 years qualify for inclusion, while those above 18-24 qualify but only when they are students enrolled in a college or university and actively taking studies. This must be demonstrated by submitting a valid school ID during the dependent application.

When will Bima Ya Mwananchi insurance policy start?

Immediately after taking the Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover, you have to wait for one month before your policy begins to pay for illnesses, a 10-month wait time for the maternity package to become active, and also a waiting period of ten months for pre-existing and chronic diseases.

For accident-related injuries, the policy starts after paying for the health insurance plan. There is no waiting period.

Registering for Britam Bima Ya Mwananchi

To get Bima Ya Mwananchi Health Cover by Britam, walk to Britam offices or agencies countrywide with copies of your ID and that of your partner, passport-sized photographs of you and the dependants, plus their birth certificates. SMS ‘BIMA’ to 21778 for more guidance.

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