WhatsApp Updates for Mac App Improves Video Calling

WhatsApp updates to its Mac app has enhanced its video calling features.

WhatsApp updates to its Mac app has enhanced its video calling features. Now users can have more people on both video and audio calls. In the new update, users are able to make calls with up to 8 people on video calls. On the other hand, the new update allows users to connect 32 participants for audio chats.

The new features were already introduced for the WhatsApp app for Windows desktop. Finally, Mac users have a chance to experience the improved features.

Additionally, users can now join a group call after it’s started. Secondly, they can view their call history and choose to receive incoming call notifications even when the app is closed. Lastly, users can now share files by easily dragging and dropping into a chat.

Each of these elements is protected with WhatsApp’s standard end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp says: “The app has also been redesigned to be more familiar to Mac users, helping you get more done faster when using WhatsApp on a large screen.”

The new app is now available for download from WhatsApp.com and coming soon to the App Store.

Other Recent WhatsApp Updates

Recently, WhatsApp has been delivering updates as it aims to align with trends and improve user experience. The app is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to create and share AI-generated stickers.

WhatsApp is also rolling out a new feature that lets users send higher quality and higher resolution images in HD on the messaging app. According to Meta, the messaging platform will be adding support for HD video soon.

As more questions are raised about data security, WhatsApp is working on a new privacy feature that will protect your IP address in calls. Lastly, users will soon be able to add another number and have two accounts running on the same app.

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