Lipa Later Crowdfunding to Attract Global Investors

Lipa Later seeks global investors via USA platform Republic

Lipa Later has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic. The initiative is indication of the company’s consistent growth and ability to attract investors.

Republic is a global ecosystem for investors. The platform allows retail investing across the world. Thus, it gives a chance to anyone to invest early in start-ups, crypto, real estate, art, music, and more.

By getting the approval to publicly crowdfund in the United States, Lipa Later can now attract investors from anywhere in the world. In addition, the firm joins a short list of African start-ups to do so. Lipa Later believes further investment will help it scale more in Africa.

We are thrilled to offer retail investors in the US and across the world the opportunity to invest in one of Africa’s fastest-growing fintech. Our excitement is magnified as we pioneer a trend, embarking on becoming a global business and the financial control centre for Africa’s 50M retailers,”: said Eric Muli Lipa Later CEO

Lipa Later’s mission is centred on fostering financial inclusion across Africa. The platform provides credit solutions, bridging the financial inclusion gap and thus giving underserved populations opportunities for economic growth.

Currently, the buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) company operates in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Nigeria.

Lipa Later has Consistently Attracted Investors

Only last year, the firm raised  USD 12 million from a consortium of investors. The company attracted backing from Cauris Finance, Lateral Frontiers VC, GreenHouse Capital, SOSV IV LLC, Sayani Investments and Axian Financial Services. 

Founded as a Fintech in 2018, Lipa Later recently diversified its business portfolio after the full acquisition of Sky Garden. In addition, they recently announced a partnership with Mastercard.

Other than the traditional offline method of buyers purchasing items in stores, Lipa Later has tapped into the rapidly growing online presence across Africa and built a unique Buy Now Pay Later option API that integrates into e-commerce platforms enabling merchants to sell products directly to consumers and pay for them in affordable monthly instalments.

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