Maisha Namba Registration Indefinitely Postponed

maisha namba posptponed

The launch of Maisha Namba registration has been postponed. This is according to a statement from Prof. Julius K. Bitok the Principal Secretary State Department For Immigration And Citizen Services.

 “We wish to inform the public and all the stakeholders that, due to unavoidable circumstances, the official launch of the Maisha Namba and the digital ID ecosystem that was to be presided over by His Excellency, the President William Ruto, CGH, on October 2, 2023, at the Athletics Club, Nakuru County has been postponed,” reads the statement in part

Prof. Bitok said a new date for the launch of the Maisha Namba will be communicated in due course.

Maisha Namba’s registration was due to kick off next week in Nakuru County. This is another hurdle in a process that has had challenges prior.

No reason for the postponement was given. However, the government has said it will continue engagement forums on the digital id ecosystem across the country.

Kenyans wait for the Maisha Namba continues for now.

Maisha Namba is the proposed identification system. It is a lifelong unique identification number to be issued at birth and a Maisha Card that will replace the current 2nd generation ID.

For current ID holders, their ID number will translate to Maisha Namba guaranteeing a smooth transition to Maisha card whose superior features support a virtual ID unlike the current IDs.


  1. The National Identification has always been faulty and discriminates the Gĩkũyũ Commũnity by misspelling their name. The Maisha number must correct that first. Names like Wanjikũ, Wangũi, Wambũi, Wanjirũ, Kariũki, Mũturi, Ndũng’ũ, Njagĩ, Njerũ, Ngĩna, Mũrĩithi, Mĩrĩng’ũ to name just but a few, are written without considering how the name should sound by ignoring Gĩkũyũs 6th and 7th vowels Ĩ and Ũ. This is discrimination and robbing us of our dignity. How can a whole government insult a lady by associating her name with a Dog as in Wa-Ngui (ID) while her name is Wa-Ngũi🤷🏿‍♂️
    If the Gĩkũyũ Ĩ and Ũ vowels are not incorporated in the Maisha Number i will not accept the number…Now with the multilanguage Keyboard (GBOARD) the government has no excuse…

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