Google Will Enable Users to Remotely Uninstall Apps

Android figure

Google is making it easier for Android users to uninstall apps across multiple devices through the Play Store. With the latest update (v38.3), a new feature will allow users to remotely remove any app. This will be a great addition to Android device management tools. However, Google has yet to provide more information on the feature.

The Android ecosystem extends beyond smartphones to other experiences including smart TVs, smartwatches, immersive XR (Extended Reality), and more. Google has provided ways to easily manage your apps and connected devices including remote installation through the Play Store and Nearby Share for file transfer or app sharing across Android devices near you.

Remote Installation feature in the Play Store allows you to easily install apps across all your Android-enabled devices connected to your Google account. This includes Android TVs, other phones or even smartwatches running Wear OS. Noteworthy, this works when the devices are connected to the internet. And now, we have the long overdue remote uninstall feature.

This feature will bring more integration and easier management for connected Android devices. Having this feature will help alleviate the tedious process of installing or removing apps on wearables whose small displays may be limiting. Additionally, this will remove the unpleasant experience associated with typing on Android smart TVs to find and uninstall unwanted apps.

With the new remote uninstall feature, the supported devices and app categories are still unknown, however, there are speculations that it will work with Wear OS at the very least. But given how remote installation works, it is a safe guess that it will extend to Android TVs, tablets and connected Android smartphones.