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Google Will Enable Users to Remotely Uninstall Apps

Google is making it easier for Android users to uninstall apps across multiple devices through the Play Store. With the latest update (v38.3), a...
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Google Removes 43 Malicious Apps from Play Store, Users Urged to Delete Infected Apps

Google has removed 43 malicious applications from the Play Store after it was discovered the apps drain users' phone batteries. Android users have received...

Google to Remove Close to 900,000 Apps From the Play Store

Google is booting out nearly 900,000 apps from the Play Store. The tech giant said that it's kicking out Android apps it deems outdated....

Protect Yourself from Downloading Malicious Apps with These Tips

Malicious apps have started showing up in official app stores either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. These tips will help...

Delete These Adware-Ridden Apps If You Have Them Installed

Malicious apps have started showing up in official app stores either the Google Play store or the Apple App store irrespective of these companies...

Here’s Why You Should Strictly Download Apps from the Google Play Store

Malware-ridden apps are everywhere and all of them are bad. You can get them from apps downloaded from the Google Play Store or if...

Delete These 24 Malware-Ridden Apps If You Have Them Installed

Each new day, Google removes malware-ridden apps on its Play Store. Cybersecurity firm CSIS Security Group recently revealed a new malware called Joker that...
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Google Play Store Redesign is Now Rolling Out

The Google Play Store has had its fair share of design tweaks over the years and now we have a new one. Google has started...
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Google Play Pass Subscription Service: Everything You Need to Know

UPDATE: Google to soon start rolling out its Play Pass subscription service Google is currently testing Play Pass, a monthly subscription that will have users...

238 Android Apps with 440m Installs Dodged Google Play Protect Rendering Devices Unusable

Almost 238 apps with over 440 million installs combined have been found to contain the BeiTaAd, a malware plugin that's been making users phones...

Apps Have Been Sharing Your Location Data. Here’s How to Stop Them

The apps you download have been sharing your location data, not once but even a thousand times a day - some without your consent....

Kenyan Developers Can Now Register as Merchants To Sell Apps on Play Store

On the consumer side, we are presented a list of free and paid apps on an app store and Google Play is no different....
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You Can Now Purchase Apps via M-Pesa On the Google Play Store

For the longest while, tech-savvy Kenyans have desired to be able to purchase apps on Google Play Store via M-Pesa but that has not been...

These Popular Android Apps Have Been Marked as Malware by India’s Government

India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has blacklisted quite a number of apps on Android's Google Play Store that it terms as either...
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Apps Containing Shady Cryptomining Code Found on Play Store

This is getting dangerous now

Africans Love Data Saving Apps According to These Google Play Store Insights

An analysis by Afridigest has revealed that data is a major concern across African countries, especially Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania. The...

Over 500 Apps on the Google Play Store Possibly Infected by Spyware

Mobile security firm Lookout has released a report of their discovery that more than 500 apps of Google Play Store could be infected by...
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Crafty Developers Steal App, Reverse Engineer it and Publish it On Play Store As Their Own

Have you ever had any of your property taken from you without permission? We mostly call that ‘stealing’, which is what some app burglars...
Root Access

Netflix’s Android App Will Not Work On Your Rooted Android Device

Android is fairly friendly to enthusiasts and tinkerers who want to make their devices run in particular manner or want to get rid of...

Samsung’s Email App Unbundled, Now Available on the Play Store

Joins S-Health, Samsung Internet and others.

Instagram Has Joined An Exclusive Club on The Play Store

Instagram has joined its Facebook siblings

Google Adds 8 New Categories to the Play Store to Improve App Discoverability

Discovering apps on Android is getting easier.

Samsung’s S Health comes to the Google Play Store

S Health like the name insinuates is a health and fitness application Samsung has been bundling on its Android devices starting with the Galaxy...

Swype Keyboard Moves Out Of Beta, Now Available on Play Store

One of the greatest advantages of Android over other mobile operating systems is the many customization options it offers. Whereas on other platforms you’re...

Google Play Store 4.0 Rolls Out, New Design and Quicker Check-Out

Google Play Store has been updated to version 4.0 with a new design and goes on digital distribution from today. The redesign features bigger...

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