PWDs Urged to Embrace Self-Registration for Disability Certificates on eCitizen

NCPWDs eCitizen Portal

Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) can now self-register and get Disability Certificates from eCitizen. This is in line with the digitization of government services. Onboarding for self registration began last year and is now fully functional.

Thus, PWDs can visit eCitizen via a smart device and self-register. They should possess the required documentation (disability medical assessment report, ID/birth certificate and passport-size photo).The application on eCitizen is under National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) portal.

Once done, individuals will receive a confirmation SMS and can download their disability registration certificates from the comfort of their mobile devices.The process is free and PWDs can print the certificate from eCitizen whenever one needs to access a service.

Parents and caregivers of minors with disabilities can register them on the platform. Individuals with disabilities holding previous waiting cards can also apply for the certificate and keep their disability numbers.

Introduction of this online registration mode eliminates the need for physical disability cards for individuals with disabilities. Further, it eliminates the hassle of visiting county disability offices for registration. The Council will conduct widespread public awareness campaigns to educate people about this updated registration process.

Accessing or registering through eCitizen is easier because earlier people used to send us national identity cards, which really took a long time to reach us but right now, once you are registered, we give you something like a waiting card that can be printed on the cyber,” Magdalene Mboke, an officer in charge of people with disabilities in the Nakuru regional office, said.


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