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Telco 3G/4G Coverage One of the Winners in Concluded Kenya Polls

Kenya had peaceful polls in 2022, after which William Ruto was declared the President. The elections were also backed by a ton of technology...
Huawei Y6s Selfie Camera

Kenya’s 3G/4G Network Coverage Now at 96%

5G has been the talk of the town in the recent months since Safaricom began its trials across the country. But its predecessors are...

Safaricom Requests CA to Allocate More 3G Spectrum to Manage High Demand

The pandemic has been around since early 2020. Kenya went into lockdown in March of the same year. Many things have since changed: some...

Regulators Still Slowing Down 4G Adoption

The growth of mobile subscriptions is nothing new if data by our very own the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is anything to go...

Telkom Kenya Expands and Optimizes 3G and 4G Coverage in Key Towns

To meet its promises to customers and future subscribers, Telkom Kenya has been expanding its turf in the local telephony space. The operator, which...
Airtel Africa

Airtel Expands 4G Coverage to Over 40 New Towns in Kenya

Kenya’s second largest mobile operator Airtel, which is also in talks with Telkom Kenya on a merger deal that will give rise to a...

Security Flaw in 3G and 4G Networks Allows Hackers to Track Your Phone’s Location

When 3G was phasing out 2G networks, one of the main advantages of the new technology was that, unlike 2G cell protocol whose encryption...

Europe Officially Begins Work on 5G Networks

A draft proposal on 5G networks lays out the vision for the future of cellular networks. According to this proposal 5G nets will supply...

Service providers trying to keep up with consumer bandwidth demand

It is quickly becoming apparent that a major factor in today's technology explosion deals with bandwidth, and the increase in usage of this bandwidth...
Vodacom LTE South Africa

Johannesburg is now running 4g LTE by Vodacom

Vodacom South Africa today announced the going live of LTE in Johannesburg city, South Africa, with accessibility in 70 Base stations. Vodacom has been...
Orange domino modem

Orange Domino Wi-Fi modem now available in Kenya

Orange announced availability of their "Domino" Huawei E5  modem Wi-Fi modem that can support upto 5 users. This device has a transmitting radius of...

Safaricom and Huawei release subsidized Ascend Y100 into the Wild

Huawei, still snatching up millions of consumers in low end smart phones have come up with an improvement to last years model of the...