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Apple Music

Apple Services Including iCloud, iMessage and Apple Music Experiencing Widespread Outage

Apple services are experiencing a widespread outage with users across the globe reporting lack of access. The affected services include the Apple App Store, Apple...
Cat plays with smartphone

App Downloads Have Slowed Down and We Need to Think What’s Next

Applications downloads is slowing down, apps in use even lower. What direction does this spell for both developers and content vendors?
Social Apps

Why Mobile Social Apps Are Crushing The App Store

We all use mobile social apps on our mobiles, and while many of us have preferences for one platform or another, most of us...

KEeping It Local: Windows Phone News Apps – Kenya And Beyond

As mobile landscape in Kenya transitions from “dumb” feature phones to smartphones, the importance of apps with local content grows every day.  Apps enable...

Droids vs iThings, Who Got the Money? Who Got the Downloads?

App Annie's hands have been on the pulse of the mobile app world for sometime now and a recent snapshot from the firm provides...

Christmas season with Ovi Christmas Nokia Apps

There is no denying that the party season is just around the corner – decorations are starting to pop up, the gift-shopping craze is...
angry birds

Angry birds, i didnt do games before…but!

There is a craze thats in, absorbed me in it...and thats Angry birds. This game is proving to be one of the successful games...