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COFEK criticizes Durex on Twitter, Uproar Ensues

COFEK (Consumers Federation of Kenya) is an organization that fights for consumer rights in the country. They have a Twitter account @ConsumersKenya and they have...
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Kaa Rithoo Campaign Aims To Create Safety Awareness Among Kenyan Transacting Online

Kenya is a young country when it comes to cyber awareness, with e-commerce quite still in the early stages. And with increased internet connections...

COFEK Sues Pay TV Firms Over Missing Free Local Channels

The Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) has sued two digital TV service providers seeking compensation on behalf of thousands of Kenyans cut off from...

How to Commandeer a Digital Migration: PANG’s license Nullified, Cofek, Kenya’s Media Owners Association Jump for Joy

Kenyan media owners were at sometime working up a foam, their reason? They had been strong armed in the digital migration process. This very...