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Interior CS Kindiki Hints At Ban On Cryptocurrency In Kenya

CS Kindiki: Kenya May Ban Cryptocurrency

Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Administration of National Government, Prof. Kithure Kindiki has hinted at a government ban on cryptocurrency. Citing challenges to monitor...
Blockchain Association of Kenya petitions Digital Assets Tax in court

Digital Assets Tax Legal Basis Challenged in Court

Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK) has filed a petition to challenge the legality of the Digital Asset Tax which comes into effect today 1st...

How Breet Solves The Problems of Crypto Trading in Africa

Despite the ongoing bear market trend, the curiosity of Africans about cryptocurrency has been on the rise. According to a blockchain forensics firm- Chainalysis,...

The First Africa-wide ETHSafari Crypto Event is Coming to Kenya

A cryptocurrency event that will host a number of enthusiasts and experts from across Africa is coming to Kenya. The event is called ETHSafari. The...

Rising Cryptocurrency Scams in South Africa and How to Protect Yourself

More people are attempting to make money from cryptocurrencies in the rush for digital gold on daily basis. The number of criminals and con...

President Joe Biden Backs Digital Dollar and Cryptocurrencies

U.S. President Joe Biden’s long-awaited executive order on cryptocurrencies could reveal the real value of Bitcoin and digital money, believes the CEO of one...
uganda cryptocurrency

Botnets and Cryptominers Responsible for the Majority of Kenya-Business Cyberattacks

The online space has never been safe, and every other year, we receive new numbers that showcase how dangerous the digital world can be,...

Months After Banning Crypto Transactions, Nigeria Launches Digital Currency Named eNaira

Crypto fans likely remember the case when Nigeria’s Central Bank stopped the West African nation’s banks and financial institutions from offering platforms for the...

The State of Cryptocurrency in Kenya

2021 has been a whirlwind year for cryptocurrency. From the largest Series A funding by an African cryptocurrency exchange to witnessing the value of...
Yellow Card

Yellow Card Arrives in Kenya, Aims to Change the Cryptocurrency Game

Leading Africa-focused finance platform for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency, Yellow Card, is finally in Kenya. The company already has offices in nine countries including...
uganda cryptocurrency

Uganda Government Warns Citizens Against Cryptocurrency Use

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become popular and valuable in the last decade and have become an alternate mode of payment. However, governments are still...

ImpalaCoin Wants to Flip Africa’s Trade Problems Through Cloud-Based Banking

Before the wheels of Nurucoin gain momentum, another ICO led by Kenyans with a Mauritius-registered company is on the horizon. The ICO of ImpalaCoin,...

South Africa Drafts Proposal to Tax Cryptocurrency

Back in April, the South Africa Revenue Service (SARS) announced that it had plans to tax cryptocurrency. In a statement released to media houses...
Isaac Muthui - Nurucoin

From a Seemingly Successful ICO To a HTML-Powered Exchange Platform – The Story of Nurucoin

When the Nurucoin ICO hit the green light, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the new cryptocurrency that was meant to solve inter-African...
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Inflated Electricity Bills Fund Bitcoin Mining by Kenya Prisoners

A few months after a section of the Kenyan population was up in arms over what they termed as inflated electricity bills, it has...
twitter bans cryptocurrency ads

Twitter Will Start Banning Cryptocurrency Ads From Today

We have seen a cryptocurrency boom where thanks to the success of Bitcoin, other versions have erupted and now we have a ton of...

Google to Cut the Cord On Cryptocurrency-Related Ads

Ever since human being discovered that they they can make a quick buck by buying and selling cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, another set of...
Zimbabwe Dollars

Zimbabwean Cryptocurrency Exchange User Accounts Compromised (Updated)

Golix, a Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange platform that is said to be processing about $1 million per month, has disclosed a breach into their some...

Investors Lost Over $100 Billion Across Various Cryptocurrencies in 24 Hours

Things are not looking good for investors in various cryptocurrencies, from the numerous scams that have hit the scape to various heists that have...

Facebook bans ‘Deceptive’ Ads Related to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is all the rage now where we have seen people put in their life savings into buying the likes of BitCoin, Litecoin or...

Cryptocurrency Startup Prodeum Leaves Investors With Nothing But “Penis”

Would you like to know where the fruit you're eating came from? Maybe know how it was planted, harvested and transported? Well, Prodeum is a startup...

Developer Shuts Down Fake Cryptocurrency PonziCoin after Things Go “Crazy Out of Hand”

People will never cease to amaze and the level of stupidity that human beings express sometimes surpasses any that we have seen before. It...
Bitcoin Kenya

The CBK Distances itself from Any Losses Incurred by Virtual Currency Investors

The last couple of months has seen the rise, and depending on who you ask, a marginal drop of digital currencies. This development is...

BitConnect Cryptocurrency Collapse Leaves Investors in Pool of Tears

BitConnect described itself as an open source community cryptocurrency whose main aim was to allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled...
kenya data commissioner will be announced soon

Central Bank of Kenya and Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru Differ Over Bitcoin

Mucheru's stand puts him and CBK governor on opposing ends, both agree that blockchain is important but the issue still remains whether Bitcoin be regulated in Kenya.
telegram cryptocurrency

Telegram Messenger Plans To Launch Their Own Native Cryptocurrency

This move by Telegram has a lot of potential

How Crypto-Mining Website NiceHash Lost $58 Million in Bitcoins

On the 6th of December, miners woke up to the news that NiceHash, a company that lets users apply their extra GPUs to mining...

Rogue Developers Blamed for Hidden Cryptocurrency Miner on Websites

Following the article, I wrote regarding Kenya's Nairobi Wire being caught mining cryptocurrency using the visitor's CPU, the company responded to us via Twitter...

Chrome Extensions That Block Cryptominers From Taking Over Your Laptop

Cryptocurrencies have become the rage for the last 7 years and was fueled by the demand of the most famous cryptocurrency of all: Bitcoin....

Kenya’s Entertainment Blog Nairobi Wire Caught Mining Cryptocurrency Using Visitors’ Browsers (UPDATED)

On 27 September 2017, it came to light that popular Kenyan entertainment blog, Nairobi Wire was using their visitor's computers to mine cryptocurrency via...

50 Amazing Facts About Bitcoin That Will Blow Your Mind

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to control its creation and management, rather than relying on central authorities. Bitcoin has...

Bitcoin Rises Amidst The Greece Crisis In Europe

We have all heard about the financial problems facing Greece. These have led to sharp declines and weakening of the Euro currency used in...

Inputs.io Loses 4100 Bitcoins, Risks of a Hot Wallet

Inputs.io offered a means for users to store their Bitcoins conveniently. The site was run by an Australian, TradeFortress who was recently hit by...

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