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The SIM Card is 30 Years Old Today

The history of the SI card is long. Very. It is that small chip that we plug into our phones or computers for a...

Safaricom eSIM Service Official, How to Get It, Supported Devices, and Price

Turns out that Safaricom’s eSIM support official. This is after a low-key announcement that was made by the operator’s Twitter page. https://twitter.com/SafaricomPLC/status/1402226881525698560?s=20 We have since talked about...

Safaricom is Prepping eSIM Support, But First for Few Phones

eSIM support appears immenent for select Safaricom customers. However, support will likely be limited to iPhones.
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Faiba Rolls out eSIM Support in Kenya for KES 150

JTL has announced the availability of eSIM support on their Faiba network to a number of smartphones in Kenya. eSIM is different from the traditional...