Faiba Rolls out eSIM Support in Kenya for KES 150

New subscribers will pay more

faiba eSIM

JTL has announced the availability of eSIM support on their Faiba network to a number of smartphones in Kenya.

eSIM is different from the traditional physical SIM card you have on your phone. eSIM or embedded SIM is embedded in your phone that is used to authenticate your identity with your carrier. eSIM has a number of benefits like simpler device setup (no need to replace or insert SIM cards), devices can operate independently and adds a new range of new enhanced mobile connected devices.

JTL has outlined steps that will allow you to use the eSIM technology. Visit your local Faiba shop as shown in this handy map, swap your physical SIM with an eSIM or register for a new eSIM and scan a QR code to activate the eSIM.

JTL says that you will only need to pay Kshs 150 at their dealers and outlets for the eSIM. However if you are a new Faiba client, you will only need to activate your line with a minimum of Kshs 300 to use the eSIM.

The company has clarified a lot of questions about the eSIM technology:

  • The eSIM will work simultaneously with your existing SIM card so effectively you can have two mobile numbers and two cellular plans at the same time.
  • You can have multiple profiles on your eSIm but you can only use one number at a time.
  • You can request to have your existing number transferred to your eSIM by visiting your nearest Faiba shop.
  • If you roam a lot, the eSIM will be advantageous since it will be easier to switch to a local network without physically inserting a local SIM
  • If you lose your eSIM registered device, you will need to contact JTL’s customer care to temporarily suspend your eSIM profile.
  • If you need to switch between devices with the same eSIM number, you will be required to activate another eSIM profile with the first eSIM profile ending up being deactivated. This isbecause your eSIM is unique to the device that is registered to.

JTL is not the only one that is keen on eSIM services in Kenya. Safaricom published an Expression of Interest (EOI) on November 2019 to acquire a partner to deploy the eSIm technology in 2021. This means we may see Safaricom deploying this tech this year but as of right now, JTL is the first to publicly deploy it to its customers.


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