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Complete Guide To Confirming SIM Details For Safaricom, Faiba, Telkom, and Airtel Kenya

The SIM card registration exercise was supposed to end in Mid-April this year. However, following public outcry about the registration process, and the issues...

Latest Ping Results Show Faiba Is The Best Fixed Broadband Provider For Gamers

Internet performance details are here with us, having been put together by Ookla, a web service that provides free analysis of internet access metrics. The...

Faiba is the Fastest, Most Consistent, and Lowest Latency Fixed Broadband Operator in Kenya – Report

Faiba is now the fastest fixed internet provider in Kenya. The results are based on an analysis performed by speed test app, Ookla. According to data...
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Telkom, AccessKenya Record Lowest Internet Speed Scores in Q2 2021

The internet performance report for the second quarter of Q2 is out. The assessment looks into Kenya's mobile and fixed network performance, and how...

Safaricom and Faiba Ranked The Fastest Mobile and Broadband Providers

Ookla, also known as Speedtest.net, is a web platform that providers free analysis of internet performance metrics, including speeds and latency. The platform has released...
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Faiba Rolls out eSIM Support in Kenya for KES 150

JTL has announced the availability of eSIM support on their Faiba network to a number of smartphones in Kenya. eSIM is different from the traditional...
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Jamii Telecoms to Pay 4G License Fee Over 10-Year Period

About two yeas ago, the Communications Authority of Kenya awarded Jamii Telecoms Limited (JTL) a 4G license. The tier 2 mobile carrier, which popularly...
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JTL Revises Up Faiba Business Plans Prices, Home Plans Remain The Same

The Finance Act of 2018 brought about sweeping changes to how some products and services were taxed and this includes Internet services. Fiber services are...

Lessons from Faiba4G Mobile Launch – Fundamentals of Building a Great Product

I have spent the last 5 years developing products at Sematime. Some have had instant success others were just duds. I have also spent...
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Why This is Faiba’s War to Lose

While JTL's product Faiba 4G is very innovative it's going to be their crazy low-cost pricing that is going to carry the day for them.
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[UPDATED] Here’s a List of Smartphones That Work On JTL’s Faiba 4G Network

As we all get excited over the coming of Faiba 4G, the excitement might soon fade off for most of us and it's not...
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Jamii Telecom to Launch its Mobile Network ‘Faiba Mobile’ in Kenya Today

The telecommunications space in Kenya has seen some interesting times, from the days of Kencell (now Airtel) followed by the numerous ownership and brand changes to...

JTL Faiba Increases its Bandwidth Speeds While Maintaining Prices

Unlike Zuku who went ahead to slightly bump up speeds for some of its packages but at the same time increasing their prices, Jamii...
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JTL Faiba Wants a Piece of the Kenya Mobile Telco Pie and They are Taking a Big Bite

Over the years, JTL (Jamii Telecommunications Limited) has become synonymous with the words fibre, partly attributed to their "Faiba" trademark, that they aptly use for...