JTL Faiba Increases its Bandwidth Speeds While Maintaining Prices


Unlike Zuku who went ahead to slightly bump up speeds for some of its packages but at the same time increasing their prices, Jamii Telecom which has more than 110,000 home and business connected to its network, has made a huge move by increasing the speeds of their home and business offerings by six times while maintaining the prices of the said packages.

In a notice sent out to is customers, JTL said that the increase in speeds is meant to “improve customer experience and affirm Jamii’s position as a leader in the fibre internet market.” The new speeds will mean that customers can now enjoy more content online at higher quality without the worry of buffering or slow downloads.

The lowest home internet offering which costs Ksh.5000 will now offer subscribers speeds of up to 30Mbps up from 5Mbps while its highest Ksh.20,000 will offer speeds of up to 125Mbps up from 20Mbps. Business premises are also not left behind and they also see a significant bump in speeds such as 15Mbps for Ksh.10,000 up from 3Mbps.

Below are the new speeds for Faiba Home internet:

Faiba 5Mbps (Now Faiba 30)up to 5Mbpsup to 30MbpsKsh.5000
Faiba 10Mbps (Now Faiba 50)up to 10Mbpsup to 50MbpsKsh.10,000
Faiba 15Mbps (Now Faiba 75)up to 15Mbpsup to 75MbpsKsh.15,000
Faiba 20Mbps (Now Faiba 125)up to 20Mbpsup to 125MbpsKsh.20,000

Below are the new speeds for Faiba Business:

Faiba 3 (Now Faiba 15)up to 3Mbpsup to 15MbpsKsh.10,000
Faiba 6 (Now Faiba 25)up to 6Mbpsup to 25MbpsKsh.15,000
Faiba 9 (Now Faiba 40)up to 9Mbpsup to 40MbpsKsh.25,000
Faiba 12 (Now Faiba 60)up to 12Mbpsup to 60MbpsKsh.30,000
Faiba 15 (Now Faiba 75)up to 15Mbpsup to 75MbpsKsh.40,000
Faiba 20 (Now Faiba 100)up to 20Mbpsup to 100MbpsKsh.55,000

“We are overhauling our packages because we feel that Kenya is ripe for high-speed internet. We are increasing the speeds and maintaining the prices as a way of passing the benefits of our upgraded infrastructure capacity to consumers,” said Joshua Chepkwony, JTL chairman.

This increase in speeds come in the wake of Safaricom announcing that it has connected over 81,000 homes to its Fibre to the home network. As competition gets intense in the internet offering space, customers across the board will get to enjoy better services at even lower prices.

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  1. Zuku did the same and bumped the prices slightly higher afterwards….I’m going to call it.JTL is going to do the same thing,so JTL customers should brace for a price increase in the coming months…

    • Zuku is always rampant when it comes to changing prices day in day out. I can’t remember the last time or if JTL has ever changed its prices.

  2. Thanks to safaricom coz they have made major fiber providers review their prices/increase speeds as well us improve on service delivery.

    5yrs from now there will be millions of homes with FIBER internet connection in Kenya.

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