Faiba is the Fastest, Most Consistent, and Lowest Latency Fixed Broadband Operator in Kenya – Report


Faiba is now the fastest fixed internet provider in Kenya.

The results are based on an analysis performed by speed test app, Ookla.

According to data in our hands, Faiba was the fasted broadband provider in the country in Q4 2021, with a speed score of 28.58.

It was followed by the following:

2. Access Kenya – 10.93

3. Safaricom – 10.07

4. Telkom – 9.40

5. Liquid Home – 8.44

To note, speed score incorporates a measure of each operator’s download and upload speed to rank network speed performance. Often, 90% of the overall score is due to download speed, and the remaining 10% to upload speed because online experiences are generally more affected by download speed.

Again, Faiba had the lowest latency for the period under review at 20 ms.

Here is how the operators ranked:

  1. Faiba – 20 ms
  2. Safaricom – 28 ms
  3. Telkom – 34 ms
  4. Access Kenya – 38 ms
  5. Liquid Home – 48 ms

These are not the only segments that Faiba emerged at the top; it was ranked the most consistent operator for the period under assessment with a consistency score of 52 percent.

Consistency Score is the metric used to identify fixed broadband or mobile networks that provide a consistent quality of service. It reflects the percentage of a provider’s data samples that meet minimum thresholds for download and upload speeds, depending on the type of network. The higher a provider’s Consistency Score, the more likely a consumer will enjoy acceptable internet performance and quality.

Here is how the operators ranked in terms of consistency score:

2. Telkom at 18%

3. AccessKenya at 16.54%

4. Safaricom at 14.5%

5. Liquid Home at 14%