Tag: Google I/O 2015

Android Pay is Google’s mobile payments platform for Android devices

Back at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google's Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Google Apps talked up Android Pay, Google's own...

Google Maps to offer offline search and navigation

It is currently possible to use Google Maps offline. Google allows you to save the map of a particular place. However, that's as much...

Project Brillo is Google’s platform for the Internet of Things

In the days running up to Google I/O 2015, rumours emerged that Google would be looking to tap into the Internet of Things with...

Google Now getting smarter with new ‘Now on Tap’ feature

Google Now has been Android's central personal assistant that gets smarter by the day. Launched back in 2012 at another Google I/O keynote as...

Google announces revamped Photos app, to offer free unlimited photo and video storage to users

Big things are happening. Dropbox? iCloud? Flickr? Eeer One Drive? Have a seat. Google Photos, a spinoff of the Google+ Photos feature baked into...

Next version of Android is codenamed M, already available for preview

As expected, Google unveiled android M, the next version of Android after Lollipop. While Lollipop was one of the biggest overhauls of Android since...

Google To Unveil A Photo Sharing Service To Take on Instagram, Flickr

Google is set to unveil a new standalone web photo service at the Google’s annual software developers conference in San Francisco dubbed the Google...

Save the date: Google I/O 2015 dates official

Google has announced the dates for this year's I/O. The developer-centric conference will take place on the 28th and 29th of May at the...