Google To Unveil A Photo Sharing Service To Take on Instagram, Flickr


Google+Google is set to unveil a new standalone web photo service at the Google’s annual software developers conference in San Francisco dubbed the Google IO. The service will be an online picture sharing and storage service that will work independent of Google’s social network, Google+. The service previously operated as Google+ photos and will feature editing tools including AutoAwesome. The service will also let users to post directly to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform.

Google, which also operates the World’s most preeminent  search engine is seeking to bolster its product line as the battle for users continues to intensify. Currently, Facebook has taken pole position with its services such as Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and Facebook having netting close to 2 billion users. Google has been seeking to make features provided by Google+ autonomous with Google photos and social stream treated as separate.

Interestingly, the photos service was launched as a result of Google bringing Picasa, a standalone and autonomous photo editing and sharing service to Google+.  Making the service standalone will give it the much needed freedom and strength to compete with rivals such as Facebook’s instagram as well as Yahoo’s Flickr.  The two rivals have been independent even after acquisition that has allowed them to both acquire users and bring improved service offerings.  Google IO 2015 starts on May 28 and we shall definitely keep you posted on such and other developments.