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Phones a Typical Kenyan Might Have Owned in the Past

Mobile phones have been used in Kenya for a relatively short time in comparison to the country’s age. Safaricom and the now called Airtel...
Huawei Ideos

A Look at the Most Iconic Smartphones: Huawei Ideos U8150

So we are starting a throwback series where we look at the most iconic smartphones over time. We will be featuring a smartphone from...
Galaxy S 3 Lite

Ten Mobile Devices Retailers Should Not Be Stocking At This Moment

Sometimes we use terms like "phone years" to draw the line between the normal calendar everyone follows and the life cycle of mobile devices....
Tecno N3

Tecno; the second smartphones revolution for the entry level?

Tecno is Kenya's biggest handsets company at the moment, beating the giants Nokia and Samsung. This is due to the large business it has...

Safaricom and Huawei release subsidized Ascend Y100 into the Wild

Huawei, still snatching up millions of consumers in low end smart phones have come up with an improvement to last years model of the...
Huawei Ascend Y100 U8185

The Huawei Ideos U8150 replacement is Ideos Y100 U8185

Globally the fight for supremacy is at the top, well, that is understandable since the buying power for most defining markets like the US,...
IDEOS S7 Tablet

IDEOS S7 Tablet introduced in Kenya

Huawei, has introduced the Huawei’s IDEOS S7 Tablet in the Kenyan market.The S7 tablet was launched after the success of its predecessor, IDEOS. The...