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Indonesia doesn’t want gay themed emojis on messaging apps

Emojis have become a complete language of sorts just like the ancient Egyptians famous hieroglyphics. You can have a chat completely in emojis and...
netflix autoplaying previews

Indonesian telco blocks Netflix citing having “violence and pornographic” content

Netflix expanded its services to the rest of the world earlier this month and this move was met with praise and criticism alike, the...
Oomph Android store

Indonesian Startup Rivaling Google Play In Local Market Successfully

You do not easily rival big guys like Google in their own game, that doesn't happen on the average day, unless it's in China...
SIM Cards

SIM Card Prices to hike by 5000% in Indonesia; Government initiative

Indonesian technology has started going through some retrogression as the country's Telecommunication Regulatory Body takes a step back to reduce the rate at which...