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KCB issued Kshs 11.3 Billion in loans via KCB M-Pesa with customers Growing to 6.5 Million

In March 2015, KCB and Telco Safaricom partnered to launch the KCB M-pesa account, a facility aimed at increasing financial inclusion through savings as well...

Increasing Interest Rates in Kenya Likely to affect Mobile Loan Borrowers

Mwezi iko kona is a popular mid-month statement used by Kenyans to state they are running on a shoe string budget awaiting to get...
KCB M-pesa Account

KCB Scores Kshs. 1 Billion In M-Pesa Loans A Month After Launch

A month after launching its KCB M-pesa account in partnership with Telco Safaricom, KCB has been able to issue out loans totaling to...