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KDN Metro lease circuits

KDN Launches Malindi Metro Lease Circuit Fiber

Kenya Data Networks has completed setting up the Metro Lease Circuits in Malindi Town and they are ready for use. So you can expect the...
KDN Data Centre launch

KDN Data Centre now complete and open

Kenya Data Networks has announced the opening of the Data Centre to be used for hosting data and software applications. KDN targets corporate clients...
Kdn data centre

KDN partners with Israeli firm to lay fiber optic cable in Data Centre

Kenya Data Networks (KDN) has another partner in business. A few days after partnering with ECI Telecom for a network upgrade, KDN has a...

KDN contracts Israeli company ECI Telecom for network upgrade

Kenya Data Network has contracted an Israeli Company ECI Telecom to upgrade its infrastructure. This was done on a budget of $4million (Kshs. 320...
Disaster recovery

KDN partners with National Disaster Operation Centre to establish Disaster Early Detection

Kenya Data Networks (KDN) and National Disaster Operation Centre (NDOC) aim to establish capabilities for early detection, monitoring and informed response coordination to disasters in urban...

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