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Buying a Laptop For Your Needs, What to Look For

Shopping is tiresome (some may disagree) and this extends to electronic devices. We have all types of electronic devices at different price-points and the...

China Embassy ‘Shocked’ After Laptop Donation for Kenya Parliament Disappears

Remember when a container that held more than 1000 pieces of laptops was found empty after a suspected theft? Well, it would appear the...

Kenyans Warned Against Buying Over a Thousand Stolen Laptops

Did you record the serial number of your laptop when you bought it? Did you buy a new device, or you wanted to save...

How to Find the Perfect Laptop for You

When thinking about investing in a new laptop, it is vital to consider some critical points about your lifestyle and needs. Doing so will...
Asus S400c Vivobook

Why laptops are becoming more popular than desktop computers

It wasn't so long ago that a laptop was considered a luxury. They were very expensive and were only useful for a commuter on...
toshiba ultrabook

The Differences In Available Laptops On The Market

The computer market is constantly changing to keep up with current demands. Computer technology is advancing more quickly than ever before and customers that...

Samsung plans to go big on PC business with Windows 8 devices

Samsung today unveiled its line of Windows 8 devices that it hopes will make it a contender for a share of the PC market....