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Safaricom Ematic Android TV Streaming Box Specifications and Price in Kenya

Safaricom, probably in partnership with Ematic, a US-based consumer electronic company, has released a new Android TV box, which is obviously targeting to phase...

Safaricom Releases New and Cheaper Android TV Box, This Time With Netflix Support

Safaricom has been releasing Android TV boxes for a while: there was the original Big Box that was released five years ago, and then...
Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph

Michael Joseph Admits Not Fancying Masoko, Safaricom’s Degraded E-Commerce Platform

Safaricom’s Masoko, an e-commerce platform, was launched nearly three years ago. You would assume, through fault of your own that a company like Safaricom...

Safaricom Steathily Released Masoko App on the App Stores

You might not know this but Safaricom has a dedicated Masoko app on the main smartphone app stores.

Kenyans Spend Trillions Buying Goods and Services Online Amid a Challenging E-Commerce Space

The growth of e-commerce services in Kenya, while not necessarily returning profits to vendors, is something most people can see. In spite of the...
Masoko Gets a Revamp

Safaricom Masoko Gets a Revamp, Still Offers Limited Number of Products

Safaricom's ecommerce platform, Masoko, has been revamped and the company announced the change today via Twitter. The revamp consists of a number of changes which...
Sharon Holi - Head of Masoko

Safaricom’s Masoko Cuts off 3rd Party Vendors, Feels So ‘Empty’

Safaricom cut off third party vendors from Masoko which renders the site feeling quite 'empty'

Masoko to Leverage Mpesa Agency Network for Ecommerce Deliveries

The e-commerce space is getting the attention and competition it deserves for the benefit of the Kenyan consumer. Masoko, whose entry into the online...
Tesla 6.3

TESLA Launches Smartphones at Safaricom and Masoko

TESLA smartphones are now available at Safaricom retail shops and its e-commerce platform, Masoko. The manufacturer, which has been in the Kenyan market for a...
Sharon Holi - Head of Masoko

How Safaricom’s Masoko Plans to Grow E-commerce Penetration – Interview With Sharon Holi

The telco business in the Kenyan market has been a success story especially for market leader, Safaricom. The company has never shied away from...

Masoko, Safaricom’s E-Commerce Platfrom, Set to Launch on November 16

During its Half Year Results announcement, Safaricom took it upon themselves to introduce their next big innovation, Masoko. Masoko is an e-commerce platform that...

Safaricom is Planning to Expand its Business to Regional Africa with eCommerce as its Top Priority

Kenya’s top mobile phone carrier Safaricom has big plans for the future. In its pipeline is a plan to put its business in a...
jumia lays off employees

Jumia Kenya Makes a Move in Preparation for Safaricom’s Masoko Launch

Following the announcement that Safaricom is about to make a major play in the e-commerce industry with Masoko, it seems like current players are...
Safaricom New logo

Safaricom to Get Into General E-commerce with Launch of Masoko

By now you should know the trend, if it's Safaricom and I'm the author, it's probably a rant, a leak or on the rare,...