Masoko to Leverage Mpesa Agency Network for Ecommerce Deliveries


MasokoThe e-commerce space is getting the attention and competition it deserves for the benefit of the Kenyan consumer. Masoko, whose entry into the online retailing business was late compared to the likes of Kilimall and Jumia, has tried to use its Safaricom-backed resources and networks to make a name for itself. Having already done an excellent job by onboarding legitimate vendors who will not sell you counterfeit goods, and has ousted the competition as far as timely deliveries are concerned. However, some people have reported that Masoko has been notorious with late deliveries (it has never happened to me), so the responses might be mixed.

Speaking of deliveries, Masoko has announced that packages can now be delivered at an M-PESA agent near your home. This is a welcome development, and we are kind of sad it took Masoko this long to implement it. For some time now, a lot of people have been forced to make travel arrangements about deliveries, especially when products are delivered during the day when hardworking Kenyans are at work. You will no longer need to do that.

How this work is still unclear, but our guess is that a customer will be apprised of the dropoff point for a later pickup. It should be noted that you will be charged a small fee for the convenience.

Nevertheless, we are glad that the telco is taking advantage of its vast M-PESA agency system that in the excess of 160,000.

Masoko delivers products to 45 of Kenya’s 47 counties, which is no small feat by definition.