Safaricom Masoko Gets a Revamp, Still Offers Limited Number of Products

Masoko Gets a Revamp

Safaricom’s ecommerce platform, Masoko, has been revamped and the company announced the change today via Twitter.

Masoko revamp

The revamp consists of a number of changes which includes a new logo and a new user interface that feels more intuitive than the previous design.

Last month, Safaricom decided to remove 3rd party vendors from its platform which led to the platform feeling quite bare. It felt like an online Safaricom shop in that you were left to buy smartphone or smartphone accessories sold by the company.

In the revamped interface, the still sell phones and accessories. Both product categories are pretty limited in their content. They still sell the iPhone 6S which was released in 2015 alongside the newer Android phones that were released in 2019.

The accessories tab includes such things like earphones, car chargers, flash drives, memory cards (4GB in 2019?), watches and Safaricom’s own Digital and Internet TV box.

At the bottom, Safaricom promises a number of things for the aspiring Masoko customer. They pledge that they don’t sell fake products and they have a money back guarantee. They also promise a 3 hour delivery in Nairobi with selected pick up points for convenience. You can also pay with bonga points, MPESA or credit cards.

This revamp seems like Safaricom is not yet done with Masoko. They seem to have a different focus for the platform, but now Masoko needs more product options to feel like a proper e-commerce store. This industry is rough and you’ve seen what Jumia is going through right now and it is kind of commendable Masoko is refocusing on what it should be offering to its customers.

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