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Facebook Scales Back Experimental Team To Focus on This Feature

Meta is shrinking Facebook’s New Product Experimentation division as its tries to focus on its rival. The experimental team was set up in late...
Instagram Reels vs TikTok

Instagram Reels Continue Struggling Against TikTok

Video has become Meta's priority as it competes with Beijing-based ByteDance-owned TikTok. This focus has blinded them to ruining Instagram's interface with changes...
Instagram Reels Remix

All Instagram Videos Under 15 Minutes To Be Treated as Reels

Tiktok is the leading social media platform right now. No one would have thought that a social media app that was created after the...

Facebook Learns From Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Intros Measures to Combat Misinformation Ahead of Kenya Polls

Meta-owned Facebook does not have a good track record as far as managing misinformation, hate speech and other social media vices is concerned. The...

Facebook Wants A Kenyan Case About Toxic Work Environment Dropped

A few weeks, a case was filed accusing Meta, the parent of Facebook, and its apps/companies, which argued that the American corporation had exploited...

Former Microsoft Kenya Country Director Heads To Meta In New Role

Kendi Ntwiga has been appointed as the Global Head of Misrepresentation for Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This follows her departure from...
Mercy Ndegwa, Director Public Policy East and Horn of Africa, Meta

Kenya Decides 2022: Meta’s Efforts to Promote Election Integrity on Its Platforms

Kenya is heading towards its elections set for August 9th this year where its citizens will vote in county-level, legislative and presidential elections. A civic...

Facebook Paid Republican Firm to Run TikTok Smear Campaign

TikTok has been Facebook's number one rival in the social media space. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's chief executive has even said that TikTok is a...

Facebook to Verify Political Ads Ahead of August Elections

Kenya is heading towards its elections set for August this year where its citizens will vote in county-level, legislative and presidential elections. To maintain...

All the Instagram Apps That Have Been Discontinued

Instagram is known to launch new apps dedicated to the features the platform boasts of. In recent years, the Meta-owned photo and video sharing...

Tech Companies That Have Suspended Services in Russia

Russia has now passed North Korea and Iran to become the most sanctioned nation in the world following President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine. The...
Maidan, Kiev, Ukraine | Image Courtesy - Silver Ringvee

How Tech Companies Are Responding to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

UPDATE: Meta has demoted links to Russian media on Facebook and Instagram. Content shared by Russian state media will stop being recommended on users...
Facebook Apps

Meta Considering Shutting Down Facebook and Instagram in Europe

The European Union has been looking into Privacy Shield and other agreements that allow for transatlantic data transfers, particularly on how data from European...

Facebook Isn’t Listening On Your Phone. It Doesn’t Have To

Early this week, a video went viral(20 million views) on TikTok about how Facebook is listening on your phone. The woman in the video...
Xtian Dela

Gainwithxtiandela The Most Used Hashtag in Kenya in 2021

Facebook’s parent company rebranded to Meta, which means that the likes of Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Facebook itself are under the Meta umbrella. The development...

Meta is the New Company That Owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus

In the last couple of days, there were rumours that Facebook was planning to change its name. The day has finally come and passed, and...