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The Unforgiving Smartphone Market of Kenya

Most people consider their choice of smartphones an intimate affair. Nowadays, we spend more time on our phones than with actual human beings. This...

Mi-Fone gets Interim Injunction against Xiaomi over “Mi” Brand

In September 2015, Mi-Fone, the “first African Mobile Devices brand" challenged Xiaomi’s entry into the African market citing trademark infringement for the use of the Mi...

Smartphone Brand Mi-Fone Partners with Jolla, Deal Will See its Devices Run Sailfish OS

African smartphone brand Mi-Fone has inked a new deal with Scandinavian company Jolla that will see the former's devices powered by software from the...

What to Watch Out for in the Kenyan Smartphone Market in 2016

It's a few days to the end of the year. 2016 is almost here. With it comes a lot of expectations for an industry...

Mi-Fone Targets 6 Month Turnaround After Recent Funding

Mi-Fone, the African mobile device brand that has been in the news recently after a clash with Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi over trademark infringement...

Mi-Fone Moves to Stop Xiaomi’s Entry Into the African Market Citing Trademark Infringement

Mi-Fone, the “first African Mobile Devices brand“, has been operating on the African continent since 2008 when it was established. It’s products which range...
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Ten Mobile Devices Retailers Should Not Be Stocking At This Moment

Sometimes we use terms like "phone years" to draw the line between the normal calendar everyone follows and the life cycle of mobile devices....
Mi-Fone Android

Buy a Mi-Fone Android phone and get a free second phone at Fuji Colorama

Mi-Fone is now available in yet another new retail chain, Fuji Colorama. Fuji Colorama is a photography retail chain with 12 stores distributed in...
Mi-Fone Mi A200

Mi-Fone MiA200 Review

Mi-Fone is one company who's strong point is being able to sell devices with affordability taken care of. Started with feature phones and have...
Mi-Fone Mi-A400

Mi-Fone ups game with Mi-A400 running ICS at Kes 13,000 for Kenya

Mi-fone is now known for being the device vendor that targets the entry level market with good devices and even better prices. They have...
Mi-Fone Mi-3000

Mi-Fone: We are genuine, let the CCK Counterfeits switch off go on

September 30th is nearing, and Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has a directive that all counterfeit devices running on Kenya's networks be switched off. Many...
Mi-FONE Mi-3000

Mi-Fone’s Mi 3000 is Africa’s first feature phone with a 60 day battery

Mi-Fone under the stewardship of CEO Alpesh Patel has been taking over the entry level feature phone and smartphone market in Africa. It's one...
Mi PowerBank 2200 and 4400

Mi-Fone launches two mobile power banks Mi Power PB 220 and PB 4400

Mi-Fone has launched two power banks branded the Mi Power bank 2200 and Mi Power bank 4400 as solutions to smartphone power problems. The...

Mi-fone, the mass market brand for Africa

Africa is a growth market in mobile. There is so much potential, so many gaps to be filled. This is due to the fact...