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mySafaricom App

New! MySafaricom Update Hides Shame at the Till

A new update to the MySafaricom app sees the telco hide its users from the shame of having to use Fuliza. Fuliza an overdraft...
Central Bank of Kenya Kenya Quick Response(QR) Code Standard 2023

Kenya Launches QR Code Standard: What You Need to Know

The Central Bank of Kenya in partnership with multiple key players in the payments industry in the country have today launched the Kenya Quick...
Hustler Fund on MPESA app

Hustler Fund: How to Apply and Get Accepted

The creation of the Hustler Fund was President William Ruto's main campaign promise and as soon as he got into Office, he created the...

State of Mobile Money in Kenya in 2022: M-PESA, T-Kash and Airtel Money

Mobile money penetration has grown steadily since last year when it stood at 68%. It now stands at 73.8% as of March 2022 according...

Why You Will Start Seeing Ads on the M-PESA App

Yes, you read that right. Safaricom is looking into another revenue source through the Mpesa platform, by providing businesses with the ability to place...

mySafaricom, M-PESA Apps No Longer Need Cellular Connection for Activation

Safaricom has two main apps that millions of its customers use: the M-PESA app and the all-in-on utility tool mySafaricom. The M-PESA app was officially...