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PesaLink, Mastercard To Offer Government Payment Solutions

PesaLink has announced an MoU with Mastercard that will see the two firms create digital payment solutions. The move seeks to boost the adoption...

Kenya’s Competition Watchdog Wants Safaricom to Lower its USSD Charges for Mobile Banking Services

The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK), has compelled Safaricom to lower and publicly disclose its third-party mobile banking service charges, in a move that...
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Can Kenyan Banks End Mpesa’s Dominance with PesaLink?

Since Kenyan banks lost to Mpesa in 2006, their sole strategy has been to catch up. Kenyan banks are running out of ideas, resorting to copying Mpesa.
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Does KBA’s Pesalink Really Solve Kenya’s Financial Problems?

It feels like Pesalink is aimed at one upping the mobile money transfer service M-pesa while there may be more pressing financial services problems to solve.

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