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Pinterest’s New Update Puts Search First

Pinterest might not have the numbers Facebook or instagram boasts off, but it has a cult following of people who use it to discover...
Google featured snippet user inout

Google Wants Your Help In Combating Fake News Appearing On Search

Google Search is the tech giant's most valuable and visible asset and the company usually updates the algorithms that power it from time to...
google fact check search news results

Google Tackles Fake News With Fact Check Tags In Search Results

Google will now inform you whether the news presented in Search has been fact checked

Snapchat Has Added A New Feature For Facebook To Copy

We can regard Snapchat Stories as the platform's headlining feature where the over 158 million active Snapchat users share their photos and videos to...

Twitter Changed How We View Search Results

Twitter changed how we view Search results for a good reason

Here Are The Top Trending Searches Made By Kenyans in July

We are finally in August and this means last month's Google search results made by Kenyans are here. Some of them are expected thanks...

“Brexit” and “How to File KRA Returns” Among Top Kenyan Google Searches for June

Another end month, another time to recap the top trending Google searches that were made by Kenyans for the specific month. June is almost...

Periscope’s new update involves drones, a search bar and broadcasts being saved for longer

Today Periscope has announced a slew of new features in a bid to remain competitive in the growing live broadcast segment of social media...

Google is displaying Search results that have black hyperlinks and people don’t like it

  We have grown accustomed to what Google has presented to us in Search results: A white background with with the colourful Google logo and...

Here is a list of the top searches Kenyans made on Google in April

Google search results for a country are usually quite revealing and interesting at the same time and the company usually avails this data monthly....
animal noises

Google Search’s new trick is playing animal noises

Google Search has become smarter over the years since its introduction in 1998 as a basic search engine. Its primary function has been to...

Google Search on mobile has a new feature, Destinations

Google Search has become an essential part of our modern digital lives and it is the embodiment of the quintessential nature of how we...
Facebook new search on mobile

Facebook is testing a better search experience on mobile

Facebook search has always been underwhelming from the beginning as compared to other social networks. They improved this with an update on October where you...

Google Makes it Easy to Search, Download and Organize Images on Mobile

We all use Google search for various reasons. For those that use it for checking out images of things like in my case new...

Google’s Search App is Getting Better, Can Now Answer All Your Complex Questions

How often do you use the Google app on your phone to ask questions like how high Mount Kenya rises above sea level or...

Google Voice Search Gets Smarter and More Accurate, Will Still Hear You in Noisy Environments

You may not have noticed it but the Google application on your Android smartphone or iPhone silently got updated to serve you better. The...

Google Does Not Share The Same Sentiment as You Emoji Searchers

Google has removed the functionality of searching using emojis. The search giant had said they will filter emojis on the first week of...

Google Reverse Image Search (Drag and Drop)

In 2005 I used to spend over 11 continuous hours on the internet everyday. One day I though to myself; can't Google create a...