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Kenyan-Made Smartphones assembled in Konza

Expect Kenyan-Made Smartphones In Shops on October 30th

In an exclusive last month, Techweez reported that Kenyan-made smartphones were set to hit the market this month. With 10 days left, ICT Cabinet...

India Forces Smartphone Brands to Make Bloatware Removable

India's ICT industry has long been strict with vendors, brands, telcos, and other ICT-related service providers. As the world's second-largest consumer of smartphones, India...

Kenya Telcos Working Together to Launch KES 4000 Smartphones by June 2023

Yesterday, the ICT and Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary (CS) Eliud Owalo did an extensive interview with Citizen TV's Waihiga Mwaura in what can be...
Nokia 3310 Battery

33 Million Feature Phones Are Connected to Mobile Networks in Kenya

It has emerged that many Kenyans are still hanging onto their feature phones. This has been the case for an extended period of time,...
phoneplace Kenya

Why Phoneplace Kenya Is The Best Shop To Buy Smartphones In Kenya

Anytime you want to buy something online, the first place most people consult is google. A few years ago we never relied on google...
Uhuru Kenyatta

Why Kenyans Will Pay More For Phones, SIM Cards from July 1

The Finance Act, 2022, has been in deliberations for a couple of months. It covers a lot of issues regarding taxing products and services,...
Hauwei Nova 9 SE 108MP camera

More Than 18.5 Million Smartphones Are Connected To Safaricom Network

Safaricom has released its full-year results for the 2022 FY. Other than M-PESA being the telco’s leading service revenue earner, the carrier has also...
Nokia 3310 Screen

Only 26 Million Smartphones Are Accessing Mobile Networks in Kenya as Feature Phones Lead

Postpay and Prepaid Services in Kenya Have you ever asked yourself how many Kenyans use post-pay services? Well, the numbers are quite low because the market...

We Overuse Technology. Here’s How to Detach Without Going Off-Grid

There’s so much tech surrounding us – from the multiple devices we use to the websites we visit. Our everyday interaction with tech has...

Germans Will Use Smartphones To Store Their ID Cards This Year

Germany has recently moved to allow people to use their smartphones to store their government issued ID cards to prove their identity online. According to...
Quad Camera Smartphones

Smartphones With Quad Cameras Lead Sales in Q3 2020

A lot of smartphones have been launched this year. We've seen different trends on smartphones - from punch hole displays, high refresh rate displays,...
Infinix Note 7

Affordable Smart Devices Have Augmented Digital Inclusion in Africa

There is a need for financial innovation alongside the technological innovation that characterises digital inclusion.

Strategies to Overcome High Smartphone Prices in Kenya

As Coronavirus keeps hitting new milestones, it continues to be apparent that connectivity tools and services are essential in combating the pandemic because people...
Infinix Hot 8 vs TECNO Spark 4 cameras

Report Shows Sub Kshs 10,000 Smartphones are Still King in Kenya

Smartphone adoption in African countries like Kenya has been rising over time. Feature phones are still king on the continent but cheap smartphones are...
Huawei Nova 5T OPPO Reno 2F Display

Impact of Coronavirus(COVID-19) on the Smartphone Market So Far

In late December last year, an outbreak of coronavirus disease was reported in Wuhan, China to the World Health Organisation(WHO). WHO recently renamed it...
Huawei Nova 5T

Never Changed A Ringtone? Here Are Some Phone Usage Habits That Show You Are Growing Old

    Mobile phones have been around for years. In Kenya, the communication devices have lived in our pockets for more than two decades, having outgrown...
Vivo v17 Pro Kenya

Android Smartphone Trends We Expect to See This Year

New Year. New Decade. We saw smartphones being announced right before and during this years CES - with most of them being concept phones...
OnePlus Concept One

Here Are All the Smartphones at CES 2020 So Far

This is CES 2020 Week where new and weird tech products and innovations get showcased. Even though most smartphone companies have switched to launching...
idc smartphone shipments africa

Samsung Records Massive Year on Year Phone Sales in Africa, Transsion Still the Leader in 2019

Phones are still one of the most popular pieces of technology in the planet and they sell by the hundreds of millions around the...

Smartphones Priced Between Kshs 20,000 and Kshs 25,000 are the Real Deal

You can get a smartphone from basically any price bracket. Cheaper phones usually have basic specs and expensive phones have relatively better specifications. However,...
TECNO Mobile

Innovation Overtaken by Urge to Beat Competition – Case Study of TECNO

In the smartphone industry, everyone is always trying to copy the other. In most cases, everyone is always trying to be like the iPhone....

4 Smartphone Features That Are Incorrectly Compared Between Devices

Smartphones nowadays are like grapes, they seem like they are similar and do similar things but they are quite different. You will find them...

5 Smartphone Features That Eventually Got Phased Out

You may have notice this, but nowadays all phones look exactly the same. Every smartphone that comes out has a large touchscreen at the...

5 Smartphone Features Phone Manufacturers Should Hype More

Thanks to Apple, smartphone manufacturers have keynote addresses where they reveal to the world the new features of their latest and greatest phones. They...
Nokia 3-1 buy

The Unforgiving Smartphone Market of Kenya

Most people consider their choice of smartphones an intimate affair. Nowadays, we spend more time on our phones than with actual human beings. This...

How to Recommend a Mobile Phone for Seniors

There is no doubt that seniors can feel a bit left behind in the technology revolution. Just consider the modern smartphone. Now think...
John Ngure Phoneplacekenya

Planning to Buy a Smartphone? Check Out PhonePlaceKenya: Interview With John Ngure

Phoneplacekenya promises to sell Kenyans smartphones at very competitive price with free delivery in Nairobi, warranty and smartphones delivery countrywide.

Reasons Why Your Phone’s Performance Deteriorates Over Time

It is not a secret that your phone no longer feels as fast as it used to when you first got your hands on...

Hype is Driving Smartphone Sales, Not Specifications – Opinion

When's the last time you bought a phone? What was the reason behind your purchase? Was it to replace your lost phone? Or your...

A Guide to Understanding Ladies and Their Smartphones

Ask a guy half the time to hold a lady’s phone and they will have an expression as that of holding their handbags. This...
Android vs iOS

Five Bad Smartphone Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

Ever since smartphones hit the markets, human beings have had enough time to interact with the devices and form peculiar habits around these gadgets....
Smartphone zombies

Mobile Casinos on Smartphone Zombies: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

A heavy gambler and a smartphone zombie cross the road. Will they reach the other side with limbs intact? It sounds like a joke...
Android vs iOS

Data Saving Tips: Understanding How Your Smartphone Works

We all long for the day that we won’t be crying foul over our data mysteriously disappearing. Technically speaking, there’s no way that your...
africa phone shipments down q1 2019

The Shifting Landscape of Mobile Phones Retail in Kenya

It's a rush to sell at the retail stores and most small smartphone brands invest only at the retail stores focusing on converting walk-in customers.

Smartphones Are Generally Terrible At Concerts But There Are Hacks Around This

Before the smartphone age, people bought tickets to concerts, met their friends and came back later with memories that were firmly engrained in their...

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