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Google Joins Microsoft, Fires 12K Employees

Google is laying off a significant amount of their workforce, around 12,000 jobs, which is 6% of their global workforce, due to the rise...

Google To Offer KES 1 Billion in Low-Interest Loans in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa

Search and ad corporation Google has announced a plan to invest $1billion over 5 years to support Africa’s digital transformation. According to the company,...

The Present Is Private: Google’s Commitment to Privacy

Goole I/O 2019 began yesterday and Privacy was one of the most touched on subjects during the developer conference the tech giant hosts every...

Digital Skills Training and Support for African Startups Emphasized at The Google For Nigeria Event

American multinational technology company Google plans to bestow online skills on more than 10 million Africans for the next half a decade. The motivation...

BMW among 103 Companies With Alphabet Trademarks

You probably have heard. Google is restructuring. Sort of getting a new mother called Alphabet. The search giant will now be part of several...

Google’s take on the mobile payments race is Android Pay

Apple Pay is still fresh. Samsung Pay is even fresher having been unveiled just a day ago. Google has a response to both: Android...

Android One is Google’s Nexus style smartphone program for emerging markets

It is not lost on anyone the popularity of low end smartphones. They are attractive to the masses not because they can do much...

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