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Kenyan Tech Mentorship Organization, KamiLimu, Shortlisted for Changing Lives Regional Award

Tech mentorship non-profit organization, KamiLimu, has been shortlisted for the Changing Lives Regional Award. The award is hosted by the East Com Conference and...
technology challenge

How To Use Technology To Keep Yourself Challenged

There are many benefits of technology you may not even realize and should be aware of. While it can be a complicated topic, know...
Dr. Chao Mbogo

KamiLimu Complements Classroom Learning with Mentorship to Foster Global Competitiveness

Did you know that mentorship is cited as one of the core factors that effectively complements classroom learning? Research has shown that mentorship alongside...
Margaret Odeng

Tell More Women in Tech Success Stories Over Challenges Faced – Margaret Ondeng

Margaret, a software developer encourages women to tell more success stories and shares remarkable journey in technology.
Technovation challenge

Technovation Challenge Bridging the STEM Gender Gap

“If we’re going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, then we have to open doors to everyone. We need all hands...
technology africa

How Technology Can Improve Africa

In comparison to some other continents, Africa’s tech industry is still developing. While some gains have been seen in recent years regarding mobile phone...

Innovation in Kenya: Review of Industrial Property Journal February 2018

We regularly review the Industrial Property Journal to identify and highlight key interesting innovations registered by the The Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI), which...
Kenya ICT Law

Kenya Tech Law – 2017 Year in Review

We take a look at the last one year through the lens of tech laws. The industry has been busy with a key focus on elections and use of tech in the process.
technology and gaming

How Technology has Revolutionised the Gaming Industry

Anybody who’s played a video game in the past year will know how technology has changed the activity in a way that’s shown breathtaking...
online privacy

Privacy and Technology in the Wake of 21st Century Terrorism

In the 2nd decade of the 21st century, it's hard to believe that we are living in a perpetual state of war. Not a...

Think Small…

Take a moment and think back in time. A time when you were starting your business. A time you were talking with your co-founders about the...
Samsung Smart Schools

Teching Care of Business: 5 Industries Impacted Most by Technology

Technology is such a prominent part of our everyday lives that it's easy to forget how much it can change the way we conduct...
Music technology

Using Technology to Improve Your Singing

Technology has changed practically everything in the world over the course of the past few decades. The idea that one would be able to...


JKUAT Tech Expo is an annual student organized exhibition of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, JKUAT; a student driven innovation expo that...
Techworld 2012

TechWorld exhibitors given the chance to showcase innovation at 2012 International CES in Las Vegas

UK Trade & Investment and the Consumer Electronics Association announce competition to find the next game changing innovation

When Technology gives you Freedom

Everybody likes freedom,convenience and reliability.But then, when we become more dependent on our P.C's , they seem to be a burden in the long.However,...

Intel Corporation to focus more on Kenya and other emerging economies

Intel Corporation –the world leader in computing innovation – is targeting emerging economies –including Kenya by investing millions of dollars worth of technology projects...

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