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Vodacom please call me case

Please Call Me Inventor Wins 2 Decade Battle for Compensation

The "Please Call Me" function found on Vodacom-linked networks in 32 countries has been subject to a court battle for over 2 decades. Users...

M-Pesa Holding Company Now 100% Safaricom-Owned

Safaricom has fully bought M-Pesa Holding Company Limited (MHCL) from the British multinational Vodafone International Holdings BV. The share purchase agreement has led to...
M-Pesa savings products in Lesotho and mozambique

M-Pesa Savings Initiatives Have More Female Users Than Male

In an increasingly digital world, women are still less likely than men to own a mobile phone and use key services, such as mobile...

Vodafone Considering Selling Africa Business Unit Including Stake at Safaricom

A report published by Bloomberg has revealed that Vodafone Group is considering ways to improve the performance of its African business, This consideration could include...

Vodacom Launches Fuliza-like Service in DRC

Vodacash is launching its new service M-Pesa Rallonge in the DRC to allow customers to financial assistance from their cell phones. M-Pesa Rallonge is a...

Why You Will Start Seeing Ads on the M-PESA App

Yes, you read that right. Safaricom is looking into another revenue source through the Mpesa platform, by providing businesses with the ability to place...

Steve Chege Leaves Safaricom for Vodacom for Chief External Affairs Officer Role

Safaricom’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Steve Chege has been appointed as Vodacom Group Chief External Affairs Officer. Mr. Chege will be reporting to Vodacom Group CEO Shameel...
tanzania registering it professionals

Data Prices Comparison Between Network Operators in Tanzania

Tanzania has one of the fairest data prices in the region and they have been an envy to the rest of the region as...

South Africa: Vodacom on the Spot Over Abuse of Dominance

Abuse of dominance is a topic that has come up quite often where telecommunications companies are concerned. Kenya has had it's own fair share....
Safaricom House

South Africa’s Telco Vodacom to Hold 35 Percent Stake at Safaricom Limited

UK-based Vodafone Group PLC has proposed a transfer of 35 percent of its indirect shares in Safaricom to South Africa's Vodacom Group Ltd. Please note that...

Curtains Fall on M-Pesa in South Africa with Vodacom shutting service in June

At the 2016 Mobile World Congress, Vodafone signed multiple deals to put M-Pesa’s payment technology in the hands of hundreds of millions of users....
Ghana 4G LTE Huawei

Ghana launches 4G LTE as Kenya still faces teething problems

As Kenya still faces teething problems over Analogue to Digital spectrum Switch-over, Ghana is going on ahead to roll out 4G LTE. This was...

Over 4.4 million Tanzanians Now on M-Pesa

Mobile money services in Tanzania have been experiencing tremendous growth. Tanzania is among the rapidly growing economies in the continent and mobile money services...
Vodacom LTE South Africa

Johannesburg is now running 4g LTE by Vodacom

Vodacom South Africa today announced the going live of LTE in Johannesburg city, South Africa, with accessibility in 70 Base stations. Vodacom has been...

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