WordPress introduces sharing

wordpress share

Starting tuesday the 24th August, wordpress bloggers will be able to set sharing options inside their blog posts. this was announced at the wordpress blog.

See this video:

You will be able to set this in settings>sharing which is already available for wordpress hosted bloggers. I know you are thinking, what about the self hosted? Well, a week from now the plugin for that will be available in the plugins directory for you to use.

wordpress share

Currently you are able to choose from these services: facebook, twitter, press this, reddit, digg, stumbleupon, email to friend, print….these are the basic ones you may want. however if you wish to add any other you will get it at the Settings>sharing option in the dashboard. You can choose which of these services you want to display and in a range of different formats. If you have the custom CSS upgrade you can go even further and choose your own icons and layout. There is also added stats for all activity around this feature so you will be able to see what content people are sharing and on what services. Check out the sharing support article for more information on getting setup.

I believe its a nice idea, having all these features inside wordpress for the .wordpress hosted bloggers, and as one plugin for the self hosted wordpress bloggers.


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