Is Africa ready to have a DotAfrica domain name!

Face of Africa

I know the first thing when you read the title of this blog, you were thinking why am i asking such a question.

Well, while attending Tandaa Symposium Conference on Thursday which was sponsored by Google at Intercontinental hotel – Nairobi, Kenya, there was an organisation advocating for DotAfrica domain name (.africa).

The presentation attracted a lot of attention from the attendants whom had been invited to the conference. A lot of whispers were in the air and by the looks of it majority of the audience were not sure if they are ready to adopt DotAfrica.

So this made me think;

  • Will the success be unpredictable like .EURO, .Travel, .Asia?
  • How many African companies will adopt it since they are already using their own ccTLDs such as,,,,,

So is Africa ready for this domain name! What’s your take!