All work and no play…, Get yourself Angry birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio

Angry birds has been on our minds for some time now, almost always in the news. I am one of those you would call addicts. Play it since the first month it was available on ovi store. And my ringtone is Angry birds.

I have used it in my Nokia N8 and love it. Currently i have four versions, the first ‘angry birds lite’ version, angry birds arcade, angry birds seasons and the new angry birds rio.

The latter one was just made available last month and i happen to have seen it in ovi store some days ago. As always, i dont leave an angry stone unturned, and went ahead to download it. It was more fun than the previous versions, with better sound tracks, graphics and adventures. Angry birds rio starts with a scene in a RIO warehouse, where you release fellow birds, it has way more types of birds like the eagle and monkeys to the list. Get a walkthrough here


Angry birds rio is available for download on ovi store here

Angry Birds Rio

While we are at it, someone just did an animation movie short stint for angry birds. I found it interesting to even start thinking about a cartoon series.

Here’s the youtube video.

Here is another video that was done as a promo for angry birds where both the pigs and chicken used to shop for deals on bing to get the wiser of the other specie in their escapades.


  1. After the release of the movie, more people will surely love this game. Who could resist Angry Birds Rio! If this app is good enough to help a movie become the highest grossing movie of the year then this is really something worth trying and if 10 million downloads in 10 days of this app is not enough reason then I don’t know what will convince you.

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