Taking care of your laptop battery to last longer


I have heard lots of people complain about their laptop batteries. You also must have heard people complain how their laptop batteries can not last for
over 30 minutes.
Just found it right and useful to talk about them today.
Well there are facts you are supposed to know about batteries and most specifically lithium Ion batteries. These batteries

are made to be used up. But a majority of laptop users plug in to the mains all time they are using their machines.
Well in this manner the batteries are forever charging, they wont be used up as they are supposed to be. This reduces their

cells’ lifespan and deteriorate over time.You should know that lithium batteries are made to be used up.
1. Dont keep your laptop on the mains line after the battery is full
2. Use the battery till almost empty around 20%. Use it once in a while till completely drained then recharge it.
3. Never store Empty batteries for long
4. Never store fully charged batteries for long.
5. Extreme temperatures are never good for your battery and whole of your laptop too. I mean both high and low temperatures.

  • Use your laptop on hard surfaces although they are called laptops, don’t use them on surfaces that insulate heat.
  • do not charge your laptop while using. charging generates heat, as well as hard disk, processor, vga card ETC….
  • Do not put your lappy in the bag while in standby mode, hibernate it (sometimes computers come out of standby without your intervention)
  • Finally quit leaving your laptop in the car or under sun.

If you replaced your lappy for a desktop, you better have two battery packs. change every 2 weeks and remember, do not store fully charged, completely drained or under extreme temperatures.
With this You will bet some years service.
Mine has has a 6 cell and hasn’t changed performance for 2 years now


Photo: www.atlaptopbattery.co.uk


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