Could the Nokia N9 be the prototype for windows phone? [updated]

Windows phone

Nokia Boss had announced earlier that they are going to release a Market disrupting device very soon. Well that could be interpreted in very many ways.

  • The 1ghz series 40 phone
  • The meego Nokia N9
  • The dual sim phones recently introduced to tackle chinese products
  • or finally something best left for the dreams.

If i were to take the first option, having a series 40 phone being a fast device is a good thing, considering thats where the numbers of Nokia phones in Africa are. And while at it there is confirmation S40 will be supported for a long time to cater for low-end users. Nokia store(ovi)-I will take time to adjust to the name change-is readjusting to fit in more S40 apps to make even the basic feature phone user get value adding app like the recently announced Maisha app by the Nokia team in Nairobi.


The meego platform was an abandoned platform and didnt get many mentions from the Nokia team, even the boss himself, prior to the announcement of Nokia N9, and thinking that N9 could be the “market disrupting ” device leaves alot to imagine. Was it a plan to make us shift attention from meego or have they realized that meego is the platform that was do deliver Nokia from the devil(serious competition from Android and IOS).


Dual sim phones would disrupt only part of the market, this being Asia and Africa, dual sims are not used beyond those two continents. I stand to be convinced otherwise. Well. they would make a big impact where it matters, but thats not a global thing.


Which brings me to the last option, the dream. Methinks Nokia is testing the market with N9 as a good hardware and OS, but will gamble with the same on a windows platform. The praise on the device is huge. I dont say that the device is not great, i like it. A Nokia designer details this. And adding to the rumour i just gathered from a Hungarian Blog, this could be true. Nokia could be having big plans for N9 and have an intention of making N9 the prototype for windows phone, coming later this year.Windows phone Whether its a big naughty rumour or something in the offing, this is something I would wanna use. The fact that the N9 has greater hardware coupled with a good OS, an upgrade from that would cause a salivating. Lets just hope this is not one of the highlights of photoshop.
Where there is smoke there is fire.


  1. I am sure about the Nokia Strategy but it is possible that they are using N9 show what to expect on  windows platform later on. The biggest puzzle which i am yet to understand is why did they use Meego?

    Is this a way of forcing windows to go open source? MeeGo like Android, is an open sourced operating system based on the
    Linux kernel. The truth is, it is possible for Android apps
    to run smoothly on the N9. N9 by all means might turn out to be a very good and popular phone. If that end up to be the case , then i wonder what will happen next with Nokia and Windows platform?

    I talked to few guys from Microsoft recently about the fact that Windows phone do not have the Sim toolkit, something which could make them useless in Africa, Kenya in particular. Well, that is fixed.  Windows phone are now going to have Sim Toolkit . According to them Nokia has brought in a lot of changes on their platform and when the first Nokia windows phone come out later in the year, we will all see that.

    • What has been my idea about it was that either they have been working on meego slowly plus the hardware to see whether they can get out a device devoid of the huge criticism that has been in the air about symbian. Another thing could be that the meego designers proved to nokia that even without full support of the company and developers meego was still going to make it, remember N900? it was maemo, didnt get full backing but still sold in its own way.

      I like what i have seen so far about meego, and if it has so much flexibility I dont think they needed partnerships in the first place but to adopt it as a main. Whats the difference between an opensource OS and an OS that you are licensed to use?

      • Open source permits users to study source code, change, improve and at times also to distribute the software while Under the closed source model source code is not released to the public. A time people confuse open source with free source. Open source does not necessarily mean free source

    • Thanx for your comment @adolphus:twitter meego has for a second time proved that its a strong OS and one  that can push the masses, considering that you will still be able to develop for N9 on QT, this is one OS thats a to-do

  2. I agree and disagree 🙂

    I think it’s dirsuption after it’s disruption, not before. Remember we’re still talking about Nokia as the incumbents of market share globall even though Apple disrupted them it was while most of us we’re busy doing other stuff.

    I think Windows offers a differentiated UX but it’s certainly too early to tell it’s success. I also tweeted an interesting perspective yesterday on Meego from Minaar Pieters at bandwidthblog. The discussion there was also quite interesting.

    I think they were too far in with MeeGo notot launch at least one device, but it it’s the only device then consumers may be getting a raw deal. That said, the flipside is Nokia’s got the biggest distribution of Operator Billing across all their respective territories, no one comes close to them.

    It’s all up in the air now, I’m keen to get my hands on a device to give a go around but not holding my breath…

    • Good insight there Mark, Nokia still has the chance to get back there since
      all it needs to do is get our expectations cured. Unlike others which still
      have to work on acceptability, numbers and from competing with each other on
      the same platform, read Android. With that said, i would love to use the N9,
      looks tasty.

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