Could the Nokia N9 be the prototype for windows phone? [updated]

Windows phone

Nokia Boss had announced earlier that they are going to release a Market disrupting device very soon. Well that could be interpreted in very many ways.

  • The 1ghz series 40 phone
  • The meego Nokia N9
  • The dual sim phones recently introduced to tackle chinese products
  • or finally something best left for the dreams.

If i were to take the first option, having a series 40 phone being a fast device is a good thing, considering thats where the numbers of Nokia phones in Africa are. And while at it there is confirmation S40 will be supported for a long time to cater for low-end users. Nokia store(ovi)-I will take time to adjust to the name change-is readjusting to fit in more S40 apps to make even the basic feature phone user get value adding app like the recently announced Maisha app by the Nokia team in Nairobi.


The meego platform was an abandoned platform and didnt get many mentions from the Nokia team, even the boss himself, prior to the announcement of Nokia N9, and thinking that N9 could be the “market disrupting ” device leaves alot to imagine. Was it a plan to make us shift attention from meego or have they realized that meego is the platform that was do deliver Nokia from the devil(serious competition from Android and IOS).


Dual sim phones would disrupt only part of the market, this being Asia and Africa, dual sims are not used beyond those two continents. I stand to be convinced otherwise. Well. they would make a big impact where it matters, but thats not a global thing.


Which brings me to the last option, the dream. Methinks Nokia is testing the market with N9 as a good hardware and OS, but will gamble with the same on a windows platform. The praise on the device is huge. I dont say that the device is not great, i like it. A Nokia designer details this. And adding to the rumour i just gathered from a Hungarian Blog, this could be true. Nokia could be having big plans for N9 and have an intention of making N9 the prototype for windows phone, coming later this year. Whether its a big naughty rumour or something in the offing, this is something I would wanna use. The fact that the N9 has greater hardware coupled with a good OS, an upgrade from that would cause a salivating. Lets just hope this is not one of the highlights of photoshop.
Where there is smoke there is fire.