Foursquare launches foursquare lists

foursquare lists

Foursquare has launched a feature we previously only saw on WAYNE. And these are foursquare lists. Though not named similarly, wayne has a feature where you can get recommendations from or to your friends of places you may want to visit and attractions you may find exciting once there.

You will be able to make lists when on your profile page on the desktop version of foursquare. Foursquare has already given hints on the type of lists one can start with to create. Building one that is not among the selected hints is also easy, with auto-complete feature for existing venues. The auto-complete also features suggested related places to visit, which pops up while you type to add the list.

foursquare lists

You can even add your friends to a list to enable them chip in with suggestions of fun places to visit in the selected areas. Sharing the list is also enabled.  Adding tips buttons on places you have visited is more prominent on the home page, I noticed. More on this on the foursquare blog.