Foursquare is now in the business of fulfilling food orders from its app



You probably know about Foursquare, the company that provided a cool platform for checking in to places all over the world. It was once a cool app before most people had smartphones and it had the option of making people become mayors of places and competing in the leaderboard by garnering the most points in a week.

However, the company decided to change all that by breaking off that core service that made people sign up in the first place and repackaged it to an app called Swarm. Initially, Swarm didn’t feature the popular Mayorship and leader-board battles which signaled its decline but later on integrated them. Foursquare then decided to totally redesign the original app that instead focuses on giving users more information about the various POIs (points of interest) around them. One of the points of interest are restaurants and Foursquare wants to take advantage of that.

According to the company’s official blog, Foursquare teamed up with and Button so as to deliver to you food from your favourite restaurants right from the app. It is rather easy to do so since you only need to open the Foursquare app, search for the meals and drinks of choice and tap on the icon. The feature is akin to UberEats, where Uber will deliver food to your doorstep.

This feature is available in 36 US cities and it is a new turning point for Foursquare as they move on to a different direction as a company. Their main competition is the roll-out of Uber Eats as a platform. Heck, we might see Foursquare or Uber making this sort of deliveries in Nairobi at some point in the future.