Foursquare adds events to list of features

foursquare events

Foursquare is now becoming a fully fledged social network, with the introduction of events. Just 2  days after launching lists, foursquare have this snazzy feature that allows you to tell people more about where you just checked into.foursquare events

Foursquare has partnered with ESPN for sports events, for movies and Songkick for concerts. Here is where the real monetization of an app comes in, leverage.

ESPN will provide game details where you just tap to see the event detail, (I wonder how this works on qwerty and other keypad phones). While shows users the showtimes and also movie summaries and ticket info. Songkick will launch a competition where users will win a year’s worth of concert tickets to celebrate the partnership. Details of the events addition are available on the foursquare blog.