KDN Data Centre now complete and open

KDN Data Centre launch

Kenya Data Networks has announced the opening of the Data Centre to be used for hosting data and software applications. KDN targets corporate clients with this new data centre, promising reliability and convenience.

KDN Data Centre launch
KDN’s, Data Centre Manager Mr. Johan Badenhorst (left) and KDN Chief Commercial Officer Atul Chaturvedi,(right) cuts the ribbon during the unveiling of the state of the art Data Centre.

Mr Rikus Matthyser, KDN CEO said the data centre was opened with the typical KDN customer in mind with world class service and safety guarantee of data storage. The Data Centre is located in the newly completed Sameer Business Park on Mombasa road.

This service is expected to capture the global market, offering mainly hosting services to clients in the region, these being Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda Burundi and  International Telecoms requiring Point of Presence Solution.


  1. It seem KDN lost the batter case and is required to payup the plaintiff Ksh 420Million or be dissolved.
    I can’t imagine how businesses would be interrupted if it was to be dissolved, question is what other alternatives or major players would caution ICT sector from such a disaster.

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