Green Data Centres Take Centre Stage at Africa Climate Summit 2023

Green data centres discussion at Africa climate summit 2023

In a pivotal moment at the Africa Climate Summit 2023, the conversation shifted to green data centres. A panel discussion on Green Data centres illuminated three critical facets that will shape the future: environmental design, consolidation, and resource optimization.

This shift has been prompted by the realization that businesses must adapt to the ever-growing torrent of data generated by individuals, enterprises, and communities worldwide. Today, the world runs on data and almost every decision made is reliant on data. Hence, the responsible management of this invaluable resource is now vital. This has given rise to the development of eco-friendly data centres.

Currently, implementing green initiatives is associated with high costs. This is especially true during the preliminary phases. With this in mind,  the conversation at the summit delved deep into the promising trajectory of operational expenses. As sustainable practices take root, institutions reap benefits by reducing their cost of operations over time

This means green datacentres allow organizations to reinvest saved funds into diverse opportunities and societal betterment. In essence, the data centre landscape is undergoing a significant transformation toward a more environmentally conscious and economically efficient future.

Green Data Centre Guidelines

The central focus of this session was to address the urgent need for improving the sustainability of the digital sector and harnessing digital innovations for climate protection. The session presented newly developed investment guidelines for green data centres, a collaborative effort between the World Bank and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), with support from the BMZ/GIZ program for global digital transformation. These guidelines are set to serve as a roadmap for organizations looking to embark on a sustainable data management journey.

In addition, the panel explored the challenges in promoting investments in green technology. Experts and thought leaders from various sectors shared insights on the convergence of technology and sustainability. They conversed how it can pave the way for a brighter and more eco-conscious digital future.

As businesses and organizations recognize the long-term benefits of these initiatives, the path to a sustainable digital future becomes clearer. This promises both economic efficiency and ecological well-being.

Only yesterday, Safaricom announced thy have secured KES 15 billion to drive green and sustainable projects. In addition, the ground breaking for the first green data centre in Kenya took place in Olkaria last week.

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