Google plus and plus one button for google apps now live

Google plus one for apps

I was just going about my business.. of blogging and other things I do on my laptop. Am an Arsenal fan but recent happenings in the Premier league have made me slow down on my football liking. Well, not really looking for an exit, (am too proud to leave arsenal) but just watching things from a distance, silently. And liking it that the trophy drought is compensated by the Redbull team and Vettel in formula one. You can note that I have included #teamredbull in my twitter bio. Done with explaining why am blogging when an Arsenal match is playing.

When I noticed that when I click on the google plus one button it doesnt show me the usual error of “your organization is not yet allowed to use this feature”, cant remember the exact words. But instead got this:Google plus one for apps
In a previous blog post I did two days ago, I wrote that Google had finally allowed Google apps users to get google+. Ofcourse there are some settings that your administrator will have to attend to to allow the organization hosted on the domain access Google+. So you can talk to your Google apps admins to fetch you that. The settings changes take effect 24 hours later.

Here is the word from google about updating services essential to make Google+ accessible for your Google apps account:

Google+ requires Picasa Web Albums for photo sharing and Google Talk for chat, so if these services are not enabled then Google+ will not automatically become available, even if your domain has chosen to automatically enable new services. The option to automatically enable new services is controlled in the Domain settings tab of the administrator control panel.

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